Spring Home Tour 2023 (French Victorian Farmhouse) | Full Home Tour Decorated for Spring | Antiques!

Published 2023-04-26
This video is full of holiday decor storing and organizing tips! See how and where I store my huge holiday decor stash! We're also doing a fun and easy vintage art diy! Un-decorate with me and join in on the fun as I reset my decor for winter and a new year!


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All Comments (21)
  • @lizvogel9405
    Elizabeth, your home is magnificent!! It just warms my heart to see a girl as young as you embrace history and your love for vintage is remarkable !! You have done a wonderful job in your beautiful home!!
  • Omgoodness!!! Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! Every single bit of it…I just found you here and really enjoy your outings with your mom on thrifting and antique shops (boy, I wished my mom would love to go with me…but, oh well) I still go… and enjoy it as well…I cannot believe you stenciled your whole foyer…it looks so much like wallpaper…you did an AMAZING job…I too love all the wood work in older homes, just all the craftsmanship, the built ins and today I just find they don’t do as well as it was done many, many years ago…thank you so much for sharing your BEAUTIFUL home and looking forward to your next videos…❤❤❤😊
  • @lisamedeiros7581
    Your house is so beautiful!!!! So much charter! The decorating is so charming and filled with such beauty
  • Elizabeth, watching your channel and appreciating your gorgeous home is so relaxingly hopeful. Seems all things work together, through they're not purchased together, they blend and lend to glorious beauty. I see such crowning achievements as a symphony of esteemed lifting toward GOD'S calling. Blessings ❤
  • ❤ Your home is total perfection! Beautiful throughout! I love the awesome blue and white in your choice of decor! The older homes have SO much beauty and character! Happy Mothers’Day! I deeply appreciate the precious scriptures that you share!
  • @p.j.5539
    Impeccable. Stunning. Amazing.
  • It would be so cute to put pretty dish towels in the scale by your sink…have you thought about putting three chairs around that little table in your living room…that wooden rack holding quilts is a drying rack for pretties in a laundry room….my grandmothers always had them when they couldn’t use their clothes line… you would really use that little table to watch the birds outside….maybe a bench in those beautiful windows…..LOVE YOUR HOUSE
  • @gfgerl
    I would love such a sweet laundry room as yours.
  • @JoyPhotography
    Your style has really changed. I remember when I first watched you your style was more Victorian. I have to say this look is so much better.
  • @lissadevega3638
    Another dream house of mine...so homey, welcoming, love the lived-in look, not stuffy, organic...
  • @dottiebaker6623
    This is a lovely home, I just wish it felt warmer. Maybe a cream tone or other color on the walls. The pattern on the foyer walls is perfect, though.
  • @patgay2150
    I also wanted to tell you thank you for sharing God's Word with us, so uplifting!!♥️
  • @jillbain9917
    Simply charming! I love the fact that the decorating honours the period and natural attributes of the house. You have also resisted the temptation of over cluttering which helps to draw attention to the decorating items that you have chosen.
  • @skoonalnfs5697
    You are really nice and have enthusiasm in commenting on these decorations at home 😊
  • @user-pw3uk1td3v
    난 당신의 팬이 되었네요 정말 너무나 뛰어나 감각적인 인테리어 맨날 하루 하루 보는 재미가 일상이 되었네요 감사해요 해~~피
  • Every single room is absolutely exquisite! Your taste is just perfection! I also love the instrumental-only music; so peaceful!
  • @user-ub2vs3gb6t
    очень приятная хозяйка, и очень милый и уютный дом❤❤❤
  • Oh my goodness, so charming and very beautiful! You are an amazing decorator, and I love your Bible verses at the end! Jesus is Lord! ❤
  • Linda Dorough Dixon/Love your home Elizabeth/Love your name, my middle name is Elizabeth...The brightness of your place is so delightful....