I was taken from my home and raised as a “nice Jewish girl,” but I’m Indigenous | Becoming Nakuset

Published 2021-01-15
As a small child, Nakuset was taken from her home in Thompson, Manitoba and adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal. The story of how she reclaimed her Indigenous identity, with help from her Bubby. #CBCShortDocs #BecomingNakuset

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This intimate and personal film tells the story of Nakuset, a survivor of the Sixties Scoop who was adopted into an affluent Jewish family in Montreal.

Told through personal archives and stitched together with kinetic editing, Nakuset guides us through her life and introduces us to her abuse, confusion and struggles to reclaim her identity.

A story of hope and resilience, this short documentary chronicles how Nakuset, with the help of her Bubby (her Jewish grandmother), transformed her life and became a powerful advocate for her people.

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All Comments (21)
  • Andrea S
    I never understand why people adopt children so they can hate them. I'm glad she had somebody in her life to love her unconditionally and was able to pull herself out of the toxicity and achieve great things!
  • Hola Czesc
    The fact that this happened so recently is terrifying
  • Proof that all it takes is ONE loving figure, ONE person to believe in us, in order to change our lives entirely and change others' worlds just the same. It takes one person's love.
  • SpaceKase
    The fact that she started this whole thing warning them that her adopted family was probably gonna try suing and slander to undermine this whole interview is so sad to think about.

    But this woman should be extremely proud of herself for evolving from her pain into this beautiful life she has. And even though her family are mean and nasty people, her Bubbie is definitely proud of her.
  • Chantal L
    I’m a Metis mom who instead of getting the correct help, had my children ripped from me and put into a Mormon home. I hope more like this lady can help future Metis/Indigenous single moms. Find more Indigenous foster homes.
  • nicole cake
    I want to hug her so badly.

    I SEE YOU.


    bless that old lady who loved a child beyond bloodlines and skin color. true love and humanity had no boundaries.
  • Now that she knows her background, she’s free to accept or reject either or both cultures. Why would they adopt a child from an ethnicity they despised? Follow the example of your Bubbe. May her memory live in your heart always. She was and is a true Jew. Teach your children to be proud of being Indigenous and of their great grand Bubbe.
  • Julia Brown
    Incredible and heart wrenching story. I was adopted by a woman who wanted me to be a trophy piece instead of a child. My Gammy much like your Bubby, saved my life and gave me the love I’m still running on today. Bless you
  • You know that it’s not just adopted kids who are abused in that same way... My parents lost their first born son, and then I was born, a girl. I was raised like a mistake that they wished they could return, everything that she said brought back so many memories of my biological parents. Thank goodness that my daughter taught me how to love. ❤️
  • Crystal Telf
    I’m so glad she found such love from her Bubby...that is everything for a child...just simple pure love. May you have a positive affect for so many of your people who deserve so much more than they ever got. You’re a huge success, Bubby would be so proud!
  • Hieda O.
    I am native from Brazil and I live in U.S, this work is so important, it is so important for native american youth in the Americas to find their voice, their healing path, it is possible to recover and heal and make it into something beautiful and meaningful not only Canada, U.S, but also Mexico, Peru, Brazil, ALL OF US NEED A DECOLONIZATION OF OR MINDS!!!
  • Savannah S
    "I'm the first generation to keep my children"

  • Dynasty21
    This brought so many tears to my eyes, when I heard her say “there’s generational trauma that effects us deeply.” It’s a very true statement.
  • Laura Petchul
    What a beautiful woman, inside and out. I just recently learned of the 60’s Scoop, the residential schools, and the horrific stories of children being ripped from their mothers’ arms to endure a life of abuse at the hands of those who fostered or adopted them. My heart goes out to all who suffered- there are so, so many. Thank you to your hubby and all the bubbies out there…. It can take just one person in someone’s life to love them enough to make it through. May you continue to heal and share your stories. We need to hear them. I want to hear them.
  • VenusianMystic
    “First generation to keep their children.” Just speechless
  • clod8
    I just broke down crying when I heard her grandmother say she’d help her find her family.😭😭😭
  • Susan E
    As a loving grandmother, Just goes to show how one loving person in a child’s life can be the positive difference!
    I can only hope to be a very cherished memory in the minds of my two grandchildren after I’m gone. I love them so much.
  • This brought back flashbacks of my elementary school friend confiding in me that her adopted White parents would beat her and verbally abuse her for being Native American. I felt terrible not being able to help her. She sat next to me on the school bus, I didn't know where she lived but we bonded everyday during the short ride to and from school. One day, she just stopped using the bus and I never saw her again. This was 45 years ago and I still think of her, hoping she has a better life now.
  • Mika Mitena
    I was adopted, I recently in the past decade found out I was indigenous.
    I was raised in a Chinese American household and I can really relate to a lot of this story.