FAST X - ANGEL (with BTS Jimin) Reactions

Published 2023-05-25
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  • Yeah it’s crazy with how many movie there are but this is a huge franchise and Jimin is now on the way to be able to win some amazing awards cause this movie. And they put the song under his name. Plus Jimin and jake actually change the song from it being a violin song to piano
  • @rjbirmingham
    Jimin and Muni Long is a collab we need - she is a Grammy winner for best R&B last year - they complement each other so well
  • @teresanike7181
    You are not alone when it came to Kodak black ive seen many say the same thing. Im not saying he was bad just couldn't get into his part. Nle choppa I liked a lot, and of course the vocal jvke , muni long and our boy Jimin all slayed it. So proud of Jimin , I love seeing him spread his wings he is doing amazing things.
  • @Estefania_JM
    Nos emocionó saber que Jimin estaría en una colaboración ángel pt1 es una canción muy linda y mas con la hermosa voz de Jimin ❤🔥💗
  • @irfeemahi9245
    Yeah this song went big because of jimin on it 🎉jimin is amazing 🎉❤
  • @NinaTATA_0613
    You got to love Anthony ray. He's always keep it's real on his reaction! Lmao😂 I only know jimin also..That's what we here for to support jimin. Feel better soon!! Thanks for your reaction
  • @8watza
    tbh...I'm here to support son jiminsi and I dunno the rest of the singers but they did great...i just don't understand some of what the rapper is saying lol...I'm happy and sooo proud of son jiminshi achievement...lovetttt💜💜💜
  • @somolmean3980
    I was only here to see my dude Jimin. In my honest opinion, they only asked Jimin to be on this track due to his popularity and because he’s a member of the most influential group in our modern era. They recognized that they will maximize their ( film ) exposure due to the views from the largest fandom ( ARMY ) in the world. 😂💜😝
  • @nikki9599
    Yes Jimin and Thea rest of BrS has been through so much. Yes it brings tears to my eyes as well to see how far they have come and how so many people are fans. I love it so much. Jimin is such a ANGEL!!! Sorry to hear you were sick glad you are better!!! 💜🫶🏻🫰🏻
  • I have watched every single Fast movie and can’t wait to watch Fast X. Jimin’s vocals are heaven in this 💜
  • @iamkpopfan1016
    La voz de jimin es hermosa ♥️♥️🎶🎶🎤🎤🎤💜💜💜
  • Hahaha, your sudden rant on the ridiculousness of the Fast franchise really resonated with me as someone who loved it when it was about street racing.
    Jimin and Muni were the best part tbh. MiniMuni?
  • @hann5270
    Hi! Yes Jimin did great and his harmonization w/ Muni and Jvke. I was surprised when i learned Jimin is oldest among the guys in this song.
  • @mimigarcia468
    Necesito más de Jimin. Me quedo con las ganas, su intervención es tan corta. Es su voz la que me captura.
  • @jsunshine9181
    Song is beautiful, respect to the other singers. But gotta give it to our Sensational King jimin. He was the icing on the song. Angel Pt1 is gonna be on top of the charts. Let's Go Jimin, I'm proud and happy for you.💜🫰
  • @tanc136
    Yay! Always looking forward to your reactions! Same here & so proud of Jimin and he fits in perfectly. Feel better soon! 💜