Late Night: Relaxing Night Jazz - Soothing Jazz Music for Sleep & Relax

Published 2020-08-27
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Jazz and Bossa Nova Music is perfect to assist your relaxation, reading, studying, work, sleeping, focusing, stress relief, romantic dinner, cooking, or just as background music for any event in your life.

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All Comments (21)
  • Darren Dumigan
    Hi all. This is my first time listening to this soft jazz and it’s just what I need to clear my mind from a busy hectic week. Chilling with a glass of red while sitting on the porch as the rain comes down. Beautiful
  • My grandparents would put this kind of music on the radio when I’d spend the night. Mad nostalgia.
  • Hey everyone. I'm from Alabama USA and I'm here to bid everyone a good night. May your dreams be pleasant and may you awake feeling refreshed. May God be with you always.
  • donald brown
    Hey my jazz people!Jazz is a mind relaxing medicine, It's so soothing to the soul.Jazz family, HAVE A GOODNIGHT.
  • Lisana Bertussi
    Esta música é maravilhosa para ouvir à luz de velas com um amado. Agradeço ao jazz por ser tão sensual e relaxante ao mesmo tempo!
    Bela noite a todos!
  • Ruben Colbert
    Is there anybody else feeding their soul right now with this good jazz music??
  • Just started listening to relaxing jazz what a great move.soothes the soul and puts life on the back burner.absolutely beautiful.hi to everyone enjoying the experience.
  • JonelleElise
    this has become the music I play to put my infant son down to sleep...when the lights go off and the soft jazz turns on, he knows it's time for "nite-nite"
  • M&MS W.
    this is totally what i needed from having a very stressed day. me and my uncle loved listening to jazz. He would have loved this. RIP Uncle... i will always play jazz to honor you in memory...
  • Ms HairDesign
    My babies sleep to this every night, they might be Jazz lovers one day.
  • PurppQueen
    This is Perfect! All the jazz vibes needed to create. This is blessing my night I hope its blessing yours too
  • don dadda94
    this music and reading these comments can just lift your thoughts and mind set with the blink of an eye great to see there is stil good people out there ✌🏼
  • Carameiia
    nothing beats this type of music, too good. Immediately helps me de-stress!
  • Tom Holschbach
    Beautiful evening, almost fall like temps here in Grove City Ohio!! Great jazz music to go along with the symphony of crickets, and frogs, and yes the occasional coyote off in the distance. Hope everyone is relaxing and enjoying the Labor Day Weekend! Take care, Give care🎶💤
  • Ootenba
    Wishing everyone wonderful days & nights 💛🧡 May it be filled with similar softness and warmth as these tunes~♡
  • Brian Moon
    Listening to this at 1AM here in NYC while having whiskey on the rocks and admiring the bright lights outside my window
  • Ludiqmax
    I usually last about 10-15 min. , with this track i can go about an hour. Mesmerizing
  • I am sitting in my front yard looking at the stars while listening to this beautiful music, thank you
  • Iris Sitonik
    It’s so wonderful to have such an amazing talent in someone who then shares it with the world and so generously. Thank you for giving this music to listen to whenever I need to. This is very thoughtful and kind.