Young Dolph - Get Away (Official Visualizer)

Published 2022-11-17

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  • AM
    I still bump Young Dolph no matter what, that voice can never be replicated 🐐
  • Davisworld
    The lyrics in this song gave me chills… like he knew his time was coming
  • Michael Owens
    Let's get this trending too #1 Let's run it up to 100 million Views RIP Dolph🐬🐬🐬
  • jefftc14
    this man had a top tier unmatched ability for picking beats
  • Words can’t express how I feel getting to hear a new music of Dolph💙
  • Dolph the world didn't want you to go! You inspired the world to make money and be their own boss! You always gave back and no other rapper can take your place! Long Live The King of Memphis ❤️
  • Marcus Moody
    The bars about he living hell on earth and he tired of rapping and wants to go be with his granny gave me chills
  • Julius
    Rip Dolph gone but never forgotten lets get this to trending #1
  • Crazy how I've grew to love this man's music after death ..true definition of your ppl not letting a legend die..LLD‼️😌💛
  • Turner Stuart
    Bumped this all the way home last night. Knew it sounded new, saw it released 2 days ago. I immediately got sad. RIP Dolph, you will always be the 🐐
  • Baloo Dagr8
    Will forever stay in my rotation long live Dolph
  • ImBeneficial
    Dolph creates these vibes that hit different, such a tragedy he's gone, but hes not forgotten thats for sure.
  • Sonia Deveau
    Young Dolph goes so hard on this, never disappointed. he is not like other rappers who are going viral by using authentic views to get the views up. Thumbs up who agree
  • Smoke Dad
    Ain't nobody rapping like Dolph did. His whole style. Unmatched.
  • A
    Dolph a real deal legend in the rap game. No dirt on his name, went out a real one. Nothing but respect 💯
  • omg ronnie
    We love and miss u dolph u will forever be a legend💙
  • Got goosebumps when I heard his voice. No one will ever compare to Dolph 🐬
  • BestHotboi NA
    So glad he got a good company to keep doing his visuals after he passed.