The Ultimate Pirates Of The Caribbean Behind The Scenes Moments

Published 2022-01-29
This is a compilation of all the behind the scenes you could ever want to know about the Pirate Of The Caribbean movies!



Pirates Of The Caribbean Curse Of The Black Pearl Behind The Scenes

Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Man's Chest Behind The Scenes

Pirates Of The Caribbean At World's End Behind The Scenes

Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Behind The Scenes

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Behind The Scenes

Actors Painful Prosthetics In Pirates Of The Caribbean

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All Comments (21)
  • Azif Zabidin
    I still watch Pirates of Carribean. Without Johnny Depp, Pirate of Carribean is nothing. Thank you Johnny Depp !!!!
  • Jackson K
    Johnny Depp is the face of Pirates of the Carribean. I'll never acknowledge anyone else.
  • Ann Gilbert
    You don’t realize how hard actors work until you see this kind of special. So many brilliant people behind cameras. Enjoyed this!!!
  • MacShizzle20
    No one can EVER beat Johnny Depp for Captain Jack Sparrow. The franchise just wouldn’t be the same without him.

    Edit: OMG thank you so much for 93 likes!
  • Donna C.
    Johnny Depp is a true actor! No one else could have brought Jack Sparrow to life!
  • Stephen Yurisich
    I am absolutely impressed . Disney is foolish to replace depp. After watching this documentary, it is clear that replacing any of the principle actirs , will ruin it , the movie magic. My hat is off to all those involved .
  • Lori Burnip
    Regarding 43:58 we all now know why he was late a lot on that movie, his abusive wife would freak everytime he left, he was numbing himself with medications & we also now know how he lost his finger. Sad to think that everybody just thought he was partying, taking drugs and living a rockstar lifestyle while in reality he's being abused physically, emotionally and psychologically by his awful ex-wife. Definitely a good lesson to learn not to judge a book by it's cover because you never know what's going on behind closed doors.
  • Squabalis
    Johnny Depp will always be a legend
  • Mark Gilla
    “disney treated me guilty until proven innocent.” —Johnny Depp
  • Nicky Boswell
    I love all of Johnny Depps movie's, but him as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean was excellent, great movie, it wouldn't be the same if they make another one without Johnny Depp playing that role, he made the movie, great actor. Justice for Johnny. 💯
  • About Johnny and his could you forget to mention that it was Johnny himself that improvised the famous "I got a jar of dirt I got a jar of dirt I got a jar of dirt and guess what's inside it!?" and how he also fell down the deck of the boat by actual accident! Orlando's and Keira's surprised expressions are therefore genuine.
  • Rupsa 🐢
    About Johnny being late on Amber Heard was abusing him everyday that time..she cut his finger tip, provoked him to commit suicide, hid his meds, gaslighted, threw objects at him, pressed burning cigarette on his skin and what not . #JusticeForJohnnyDepp . And Pirate movies are nothing without Depp. He's the heart and soul.
  • Helen's Musings
    Johnny Depp is the Pirate of the Caribbean, and a master of his craft. If there's no Johnny in the next one it'll sink to the bottom of the deepest depths.
  • T D
    I love how Johnny Depp has the actual Jack Sparrow tattoo on his arm. That character will be with him forever.
  • Gail Mitchell
    Johnny Depp......there will NEVER be another. God bless you and your talent Johnny, for making the world just that bit more alive for all of us. How could we possibly thank you properly? The answer is we couldn't....
  • Mindy Crumbaker
    Johnny Depp will forever be Captain Jack Sparrow. There will never be another. We even named our son Jackson in homage to Jack Sparrow. I hope that one day we will see our captain Jack return but he’s made it very clear he won’t return. I can’t help but believe it’s because he felt betrayed by Disney by them letting him go during the hardest and most traumatizing time of his life when he needed people behind him the most.
  • Faelia
    I have so much more respect for these movies than I already did before! Wow how amazing to see all this behind the scenes and hard work that goes into making these movies. Johnny Depp carries all these movies 100%. If they plan to continue these movies without Johnny, then I’m not watching them. Also, I don’t even know if Johnny would go back to Disney even if they asked him to.
  • Yoni bennett
    NEVER would have been the hit and franchise without Depp in the lead.