Ford WARNS Dealers To KNOCK OFF The PRICE GOUGING Of F-150 Lightning Reservation Holders - STOP IT!

Published 2022-02-03
In This Segment Of FORD NEWS, Keith And Jay Discuss How Ford WARNS Dealers To KNOCK OFF The PRICE GOUGING Of F-150 Lightning Reservation Holders. In A Letter To It's Network Of DEALERSHIPS, VP Of Sales Andrew Frick WARNS DEALERS Against Trying To Get Customers With Reservations For The F-150 Lightning Electric Pickup To Pay Additional Fees To Place Their Final Orders, Which Became A Reality In Early January. In The Letter Frick Wrote "These actions are perceived as threatening customers by withholding their opportunity to convert reservations to orders". In The Letter, Frick Goes On To Reference The FORD Sales and Service agreement that says FORD Dealers "shall avoid in every way any 'bait,' deceptive, misleading, confusing or illegal advertising or business practices," and said any outlet found in violation may lose their entire allocation of trucks for the year". Also, Sources Tell Us That In A Statement From Ford To The Detroit Free Press Referring To The TESLA Business Model, "We are competing with others who have a direct model and we need to be very mindful of how customers perceive Ford and our dealer network," WOW !! We Told Ya So !! In A Previous Video ON THIS CHANNEL About The 2022 Ford F150 EV Configurator Going Live, This Nonsense Has Been Going On For A While. Remember The BRONCO? There Were MANY Cases Reported Of Price Markups As Much as $10K Above MSRP At The Dealership Level! Hopefully TESLA Continues To Set The Bar On How A Direct Business To Consumer Model Works To Keep The Shady Bait And Switch Tactics Out Of The Purchase Of A New Vehicle!

Leave Us Your Comments! Have You Been The Victim Of PRICE GOUGING?

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All Comments (5)
  • William Erazo
    Mike Bass Ford dealership in Elyria/Sheffield Ohio got a F150 lightning pro pro edition with a $20,000 mark up I reported this to for it. That’s ridiculous
  • Golden Retriever
    This has nothing to do with the lightning F150 but my local ford dealership wanted 40 GRAND for an F150 XL work truck

    a work truck they sell to fleet markets


    Naturally they never heard back from me
  • Nathan Peters
    I will never buy from a dealership that participated in this price gouging for the rest of my life. All the dealerships that did so should have their franchises revoked and Ford should be allowed to sell directly to consumers in those areas.
  • Ervin Gentry
    With all things we the consumer have the power I don't need to know about their tricks .If you see anything over priced don't buy it simple if they want to keep building things ,cars ,home,ect ,and not making profit that's their buisness let them build just don't buy .Always go in knowing what you want to pay if you can't have it at a reasonable price that's fair for both then walk out the door it's not rude peace everyone.