Driving Test Nerves - how to stay calm on your driving test.

Published 2022-03-28
Many people are understandably nervous on their driving test and these nerves can lead to a fail. Being super nervous can cause your mind to rush or freeze which is not ideal when you are trying to drive a car. In this video I give you some tips to help you stay calm on your driving test.

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00:00 All fingers no thumbs
00:27 Warm up
01:02 Examiners
02:35 Pressure
03:07 Mindset
05:08 Food and water
05:41 Don't be late
06:10 Know the area
07:12 Patience
07:55 Going the wrong way
08:15 My tests
14:03 Don't tell
14:22 Be ready
14:41 After the test

All Comments (21)
  • Normie
    This is exactly the video I need! I failed my test last week, 2 serious faults - I went into the wrong lane and I almost pulled out in front of someone... Two mistakes I have NEVER done before 😭The nerves got to me, but hopefully next time I'll be able to remain calm. I know I can do this!!!
  • x Ciara Louise xx
    It’s so refreshing hearing a driving instructor saying they didn’t pass first time!! I have my driving test in the summer and I heard my family this week talk about their attempts to pass their tests and it put me at ease ☺️ definitely going to put less pressure on myself for my first test!
  • Rufus Greenleaf
    What helped me on my test was pretending the Examiner was just a guy who needed a lift who wanted to go a specific route. It sounds weird but it made me calmer for some reason. I listened and did all my box ticking for the test but he was actually good to talk to. Test was over quick and only 4 minors.
  • K J Dee
    After failing twice, I learned to relax by not getting too attached to the outcome. I was able to stay level-headed and pass!
  • Sukrat Singh
    Officially passed last night on first try! I even had the notoriously pissed off examiner too. But passed regardless. Richard is absolutely right that you’d do more mistakes if you’re stressed than not. Thank you Richard for all the videos of advice and driving. Goat 🐐
  • Shanice Witter
    Passed my test yesterday after the 5th attempt! I only ever failed due to silly mistakes I’d never made until the actual test😭 2 days ago was the first time watching your videos and they really prepared me and calmed down. Thank you!
  • Random shiz
    Failed my first test 2 weeks ago with 2 serious and 15 minor faults. Made 1silly mistake at the start of the test because of the nerves and it snowballed from there. Thank you for this video and I hope I pass my test on April 6, 2022.

    Edit: I passed my test today at April 6,2022 with 5 minors!
  • kay 473
    I failed my driving test 3 times because I was always nervous and felt my driving instructor was giving me wrong information. Decided to do my 4th test with my husband in his car. The night before my test you uploaded this video and I took you advice. Really didn't worry about the test thought I failed like 2 times but thank God I passed. You really gave good advice. Treated my driving test like a drive with my husband.
  • Luna A
    Hi I just wanted to say thank you for all the videos you make. I just passed my test a few weeks ago and your videos played a big part in it. Keep up the great content and I hope other learners find your channel too :)
  • Rachael Starkey
    Passed my test today with 1 minor, thanks so much for these videos they have really helped me!
  • Tech Spree
    I have my FOURTH test in a weeks time.. was feeling a bit hopeless at this point but your video really helped, especially how you said you got fed up with feeling anxious!

    Update: Passed 5th try!!!!!!
  • Marko Despotov
    ive had similar experience as you did but my heart rate goes up as well when i get anxious but i learned that if you breathe in fully and exhale for like 8 seconds your heart rate normalizes and i used that few times during the test and it helped me pass significantly
  • Martichatte
    I passed my driving test today, 1st attempted! Would like to say massive thank you to you, I have been watching your videos religiously and it’s really helped me out a lot! My instructor was amazing, and the combo with your really well explained videos did the magic for it today!
    I was stressed, of course, but managed my parallel park (without the first minutes of the test) and that boosted my confidence. Everything went really good. I am so happy! Thank youuuuu for all your amazing videos 🥰 xx
  • Mona Awad
    I passed my test today first time with 6 minors. I just wanted to say how much your videos have helped me. Thank you!! 😊
  • I’m learning manual currently and your videos have been an amazing help! Thanks for posting.
    Drove a bit late last night and I felt a bit more confident. Maybe I’ll be driving in regular traffic soon. 🤞🏾
  • Denis Sherry
    Another great video Richard thank you. I passed my driving test in Ireland last week (second attempt, two months later). You've been so helpful with all your help and tips. Thank you again. Keep up the great work.
  • Sage
    I took my first-ever test today and passed with only 2 minors! I was stressing a lot the day before but I just envisioned myself being a taxi or an uber and it really helped with the nerves. I was friendly with the instructor and had a lot of fun small talk. I didn't look at his iPad once, and I recommend you try to converse with your instructor to really know them as a person and ease your nerves. Thank you for this video as it helped me out a lot!
  • Vikki Wihioka
    Passed my test yesterday first try after just 13 hours of driving lessons- busy work schedule etc. This particular video was really helpful- watched several times and honestly I remembered everything you said during the test. I drove rather than worrying about not making mistakes. I also did not tell anyone I had a driving test coming up and everyone was happy when I told them I had passed.Thank you so much for the videos. You are an amazing driving instructor and teacher.
  • TideOfTheToucans
    Test nerves were the most challenging thing for me as I completely panicked in my first test back in April, watched this video before my test yesterday and I passed!!! The examiner yesterday made me feel a lot more comfortable and your advice definitely helped!!!
  • Jade Higgins
    I really needed to see your video today! I’ve got my first (and hopefully last) test on Friday & the nerves have well and truly kicked in today, after a few days of feeling confident. Your advice regarding driving normally & not as if you’re trying to pass your test really resonated with me and is such a good point - my instructor wouldn’t be letting me go for it if he didn’t think I was capable, I’m just going to drive like I usually do & hope that’s enough to get me my pass. Will be revising with your other videos this evening! Thanks so much 😊🚗