Eminem - Tobey (feat. Big Sean & Babytron) [Official Audio]

Published 2024-07-02
Eminem - Tobey (feat. Big Sean & Babytron)
Listen: eminem.lnk.to/Tobey
Spotify: eminem.lnk.to/Tobey/spotify
Apple Music: eminem.lnk.to/Tobey/applemusic
YouTube Music: eminem.lnk.to/Tobey/youtubemusic

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All Comments (21)
  • @MattEganTattoo
    First time in history I’ve heard an Eminem song the second it’s dropped. What a time to be alive
  • @Stormbreakerjay
    Seeing a Eminem track before it even reaches an hour must be a great experience
  • @armaanrao477
    Every time someone likes this comment, I will come back to listen to this song again.
  • @frozenBlxde
    We have to respect this guy, he is 51 and still rapping
  • @KnoxHill
    Spider-Man meme ftw 🕷️ 🔥
  • @RedsquirrelTV
    Those goose bumps you get when you know ems verse is a bout to happen you literally never get that feeling with any other artist
  • @Bowmacho
    BabyTron really made it. A whole feature with Eminem I remember when he was rapping with the Flint guys came a long way man 💯
  • @turco564
    Eminem giving his city so much love with the inclusion of these artists. This man bleeds Detroit.
  • @November
    well that's one collab i'd never have expected
  • @azid7682
    Babytron and Eminem is crazy to witness
  • @kimmerh4398
    That line about the belt is tough when my siblings and I contunuously wore those black and purple stripes; and at 57 years old, those scenes play over and over in my head. I'm proud to say that I am on year 20 of teaching parents how to do better. I'm still bitter, though. If life is this good, now how much better could it be if I had decent parents? Do right by your children. They deserve it!
  • @RogerValencia
    Tobey makes so much sense now that I listened to it in order. What a classic.
  • @JustAmiXX
    Tobey Maguire: I was bit by a spider. Goat: I was bit by Eminem.
  • @thepaolog2000
    Three Motor City angels in one track paying tribute to the OG Spider-Man