UiPath Beginners Course 2023 - How to Get Started

Published 2023-01-01
Learn UiPath by building a complete step-by-step project with the UiPath Most Valuable Professional, Anders Jensen. The video tutorial shows how to get started as a beginner. Then, we install UiPath, build an end-to-end project, and use Orchestrator to create an unattended robot.

πŸ“‚ Download the course materials: andersjensen.org/uipath/beginners-course-2023-for-…

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0:00 Intro
I'm Anders Jensen, a 2-time UiPath Most Valuable Professional.

0:15 Install and Setup UiPath
We download and install the UiPath Community version, which is the complete package for free. On top, we get all the Automation Cloud features. Install the browser extensions. Enable the Modern Design experience.

6:25 Your First UiPath Automation
Choose 'New Project - Process' and go with VB instead of C#, since all documentation and tutorials are in VB. Then, to create a no-code automation, we can drag and drop the pre-defined code blocks called Activities in UiPath. Our first UiPath robot opens an application and clicks a button.

12:11 Build a Complete UiPath Project
Download the course materials from the course page. In our project, we want to build a complete UiPath RPA robot that can read an Excel sheet, scrape web data and write the results back to Excel. I've made some challenges, and to solve them, we must use all the UiPath practices around RPA development.

17:04 Open a Web Page and Do a Search
The Use Application/Browser opens a web page. It also defines a browser scope. The Type Into activity types into the search field.

23:33 Scrape Web Pages With Next Button
We use the Table Extraction Wizard to extract the web data we want. Here it's our search results. Grab the title, the price, and the URL. Since our search results span multiple pages, we define the Next button. We work with the selector for the Next button to make it stable. Finally, with a Write Workbook Range activity, we write the scraped results back to Excel.

35:12 Read an Excel Sheet
We use the Excel Process Scope, the Use Excel File, and the Read Range activities to read an Excel sheet with UiPath. In addition, we set the Show Excel window property in the Excel Process Scope to false. When we read data from Excel, it's stored as a DataTable.

39:37 Web Scrape Multiple Pages
Now we want to scrape multiple pages to Excel with UiPath. Here we read the search topics from Excel, do the search, scrape the results and write the result back to Excel. Use a For Each Row in Data Table to iterate through the DataTable with the Excel data.

46:32 Dynamic File Naming with DateTime
We don't want to overwrite files, so we use a dynamic file name leveraging the date and time from when the robot runs. When we work with dates and times in UiPath, we use the .NET custom date and time formats.

54:34 Regular Expressions - RegEx
Regular Expressions, or RegEx, is a series of characters that defines a search pattern. We use it to extract data out of structured data. Use a RegEx tester such as regex101 to design your Regular Expression patterns. To use it in UiPath, drag in an Assign and create the expression: System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match("YourString", "YourRegEx").

1:17:09 Orchestraor - Unattended Robot
We finished our UiPath project and are now publishing it to Orchestrator. UiPath Orchestrator is where we manage our automations. Give the user the role 'Allow to be Automation User'. Next, configure your Windows machine - domain/username and Windows password. Add an unattended license to the machine and assign it to the folder. In Automations you add the process.

1:22:08 The Best UiPath Books
Since UiPath is a mix of many technologies, you want to understand different concepts broadly.

1:27:43 The Best UiPath YouTube Channels
YouTube is the place to learn UiPath.

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  • @robertwalker4447
    Dude. 10 mins with this video and I already know more than 2 hours with the UiPath Academy materials...everything is perfectly explained and your voice melts away the stress of learning!
  • @user-qn1nk7ep5f
    Can't say enough positive. I PAID for the same course on Udemy. Could not follow instructor and he is all over. This is 1000 times better than the paid course. This instructor is phenomenal. So much better. Thank you.
  • @oscar4070ti
    A Beginners Course updated to 2023? What a lovely idea! I hope you can inspire everyone that's still not using RPA to start using it, not only as a job but also on their lives. Congrats Anders!
    For all the fellow learners, please note that search input is not working in the example website. I used different e-commerce website and it works :)
  • Great course. Just wondering how secure UIpath is. I use Power automate and obviously that is fully secure based on my 365 login. Thanks
  • @botsDNA
    This video is an excellent introduction to UiPath for beginners. Anders Jensen does a great job of explaining the basics of UiPath and how to get started. He covers the fundamentals of UiPath, such as the user interface, the workflow, and the activities. He also provides helpful tips and tricks to help you get the most out of UiPath. I highly recommend this video for anyone looking to get started with UiPath. Thanks Anders!
  • Do you recommend learning a specific coding language before learning UIPath? Also, do you have a rpa course that can have you career ready?
  • Hi Anders, thank you for this video. I'm searching for a training provider for RPA BA and someone suggested that I take the RPA Developer certification instead cos he opinion is that RPA Developers can do the BA job anyways. I do not come from an IT background so what's your advice regarding making the right choice and the potential job opportunities for both?
  • @dkboyz
    Hey Anders! I am having a food technology background, Can I make a switch to RPA now after working in food industry for 4years.
  • @knalsgtes6684
    Hi sir, I've followed your GSuite tutorials before but it was on the older version,,can you make a tutorials for this latest version, I'm kind of lost.Thanks.
  • Hello sir, make some more videos on uipath 2023 it's really helpful for us because uipath has changed some functions.thankyou
  • @SepieSmith
    This video is amazing! I am not a pro developer but I did create several apps using MS Access and VB Didn't know anything about RPA and with this video I got the sufficient confidence to go and try UiPath myself! Thank you!!
  • @danishpinay
    Hi Anders, I'm from Denmark too, do you have any course suggestion to get UI path certificate? mange tak
  • @ahmedsh8057
    Hi, Thank you for all uiPath videos, they are very helpful. I am looking for your help in a scenario of having an excel sheet data table that I need to math one of its columns with a web data table, if matched uipath will update the web data table rows by copying what is matched to it from excel. Highly appreciate your assistance
  • @ra1nheart
    I need you help ,plz. I met a Sign-In Error. No robot configured for the current user. I don't know how to do next. I used Uipath a year ago. The interface has a big change. Thx
  • @terrymarr5265
    When trying to create an unattended robot, the Orchestrator part, you went really really fast. You say to put in "your windows password". What is that? Is that my login pin for my laptop? Is that something to do with Microsoft 360? I have so many passwords, where can I find what Orchestrator is looking for here? How would I find my password? I got very confused here. I finally figured out it was the pin that I use to unlock my machine. But it took too long to get there.