Rocks: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Published 2022-05-29

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  • quitpayload
    Honestly I'm a little disappointed that this isn't just 17 minutes of John talking about his favorite types of rocks
  • Ethan Bell
    "The Furry Days are over when I'm Governor" is a level of hilarity on the level of "Don't Let transgender penguins fool you"
  • Tom
    Well, I’ll be damned. She really demolished the Georgia Guidestones.
  • KnuckleJoe8
    Message to future viewers:

    That thing, the Georgia Guidestone, "capable of withstanding catastrophic events"? It got blown up. Then the rest of it was torn down because it became a health hazard.
  • evaunit98
    The fact that John commissioned himself a fursona of himself as an otter is funny to me and being a furry myself I just love that
  • naerial
    FYI: The monument was bombed on July 6, 2022 on the Swahili/Hindu side. The rest was demolished for safety purposes.

    The candidate (Taylor) mentioned in the video said she didn't want the monuments criminally destroyed and whoever did it should be arrested. She also said the bombing was an act of God. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Peter Rouleau
    A candidate driving around in a bus that says "Jesus, Guns, Babies" sounds like a Family Guy joke.
  • hailsfordays
    Been saying "The furry days are over when I'm governor!" every time I walk into a room. Sadly it took little time for my cats to realize I wasnt serious.
  • Barley_tea
    Him: “He had a few interests! Conservation,”
    Me: “Okay.”
    Him: “Population Control”
    Me: “Oh no, here we go.”
    Him: “And at least two letters praising David Duke.”
    Me: “And here we are.”
  • Jason Snow
    “Must be able to survive cataclysmic events”

    Well that didn’t age wonderfully
  • Mark Dice
    I guess the Guidestones weren't as strong as the designer thought. hahaha
  • Libra Dragon
    We had them for 42 years, anyway. Came here to relive the laughter that Mister Oliver always brilliantly supplies on all subjects. Given our current social climate in the US, I suspect that this line engraved on the Guidestones really irritated persons to be named later - "Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts." R.I.P. Georgia Guidestones.
  • Owen Gette
    “with rocks, we must start with furries”
    “with furries we must start with the Georgia Primary”

    straps seatbelt
  • TheHuskyK9
    John has his own fursona and I'm kinda impressed how well it fits him. He probably specifically asked for that bulge too 😂😂
  • Spyke114
    I choked on my food for a second laughing at the cut out counting joke and might have to live with pasta sauce in my nose for the rest of the day because of it. joke was really a ten out of t-
  • JustSomeCanuck
    Does this mean we get to see Blue Orb Guy kneeling by the wreckage, screaming "YOU BLEW IT UP!" Planet-of-the-Apes-style?
  • Lara Arnott
    Dear John.... I just found out these videos are on youtube. If I was a teacher, I'd make these episodes a weekly class discussion assignment. Thank you for making this world better than you found it <3
  • Shawn Culp
    John, I don't know what you have have to do to appease Daddy HBO, but we need a follow up web exclusive. She did it John...I can't believe she did.
  • Joshua Elmore
    Honestly with this show's track record, when he got to the end proposing someone build new-less racist guide stones, I was surprised John hadn't already commissioned them
  • Joshua Webb
    Seeing these rocks pop up in the news today was sad but also felt like an obscure celebrity sighting.