West Virginia Community Struggles Without Reliable Water Access

Published 2021-06-17
In McDowell County, West Virginia, some residents say the water in their wells smell of rotten eggs. They’re forced to rely on mountain springs, rain or other methods. Others there say access to public water doesn’t reach their homes because of funds that ran dry.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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West Virginia Community Struggles Without Reliable Water Access

All Comments (21)
  • Pamma Jamma
    This is criminal. I'm from Flint and my heart is breaking for these people. Flint residents are still buying water. Please people if you have influence anywhere please ask them to donate water to these people. 😭😭😭
  • Test User
    When you vote for people that aren't working for the people, that is what you get. Vote for people who has a history of helping the people and not just spreading propaganda and lies just to be voted into office.
  • RealmEnchanted
    What a disgrace. Trillions spent on “Defense” while people go without water.
  • Bo 2. 4 U
    I knew it!!!! Thank you Joe manchin for turning all the lights in eyes on West Virginia!!!
  • Kris Tal
    Wow that’s sad we are not taking care of our own people
  • I live in James creek in Boone county WV and my well smells like rotten eggs too we have to buy drinking water......
    I worked at xmv 43, and I'm going to tell you I've worked all over the state and I've never in my life met or worked with such hard working, nice, respectful, and ethical people anywhere else in my life as I did in McDowell county, there's a since of pride and I'm honored to Kno each and every one of em! Day one I was welcomed as family and I miss it!! I wish them all the best and if I knew for a second there was another job there that wasn't in a 28 inch hi coal mine I'd be there💪🏻💯
  • ??? guess
    WV is a beautiful mountain state with appalachian pride. I wish I was back home. Almost Heaven.
  • M G
    And Their senator doesn’t want to repair infrastructure?
  • In TN we had spring water of the mountain into the house and it dried up.
  • GGGlider
    Someone please secure water for mountain mama!
  • Josh Barker
    Manchin, Cinema, and the Republicans are the only thing standing between this being fixed and not. West Virginia make it happen, don’t give your leaders a choice
  • merry hunt
    The people whose water started to smell like rotten eggs need a hydro-geologist. Call the EPA, the state Department of Natural Resources, the county health department. Or did they try to make their well deeper and drilled into a bad layer? That can happen too.
  • Walt Sims Jr
    Can anyone dismiss or rule out hydrolic fracturing at the root cause?
  • Randall James
    Trump assured these folk everything would be ok. McDowell Co. had the highest percentage vote for Trump in the country...so...
  • Rtyert Rt
    This is a sign of things to come pick up a copy of Grapes of Wrath for going to be living it pretty soon
  • Lets_Discuss
    You get what you vote for, isn't it! Vote for politicians who'll improve your life and provide reliable basic services and ability to earn a decent living. If only guns or the drive to ban abortions could provide clean drinking water ...
  • Joseph Boyd
    ?? It is hard to point out a snake in the grass,
    When it is green????

    God please open
    This man eyes, and let him
    See the peoples in West Virginia
    Need him to step up and help
    The peoples in West Virginia and
    The U.S.A..
  • kim krebs
    Honestly the problem isn’t water, the problem is they are choosing to live in a place they shouldn’t be. In the old days you wouldn’t build a home where you couldn’t get water