Larry David interviewed by Charlie Rose 1998

Published 2020-05-02
Larry David spoke to Charlie Rose about the upcoming Seinfeld finale and his movie Sour Grapes

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  • supesdupes
    The interview starts with a curb worthy moment. What a gem, Larry David.
  • Hey Handyman
    Geniuses like Larry David, have a unique ability to voice the thoughts and reactions that everyone has to everyday mundane situations, and react in a way that everyone can connect with. To be able to write a whole episode in the waiting area of a chinese restaurant and make it one funniest shows ever made is such brilliant observation. You could make a strong argument that he is a modern Shakespeare.
  • Bradley Reeder
    He looks exactly the same now as he did 22 years ago, how on earth lol
  • bigbowlowrong
    One of the best running jokes in Curb is how butthurt Larry is that people were underwhelmed by the final episode of Seinfeld
  • ben f
    I love how difficult Larry is. Curb seems more realistic than I thought.
  • Nick Knepper
    This is actually the pilot episode for Curb your Enthusiasm.
  • The one thing I love about Larry is he doesn't take himself seriously. Such a quality.
  • hippiecheezburger
    Larry David is an american treasure. I love his work, it never gets old to me. Seinfeld will never get old because the jokes in the show will always be funny.
  • magillagorilla420
    One of the finest interviews I've ever seen! Never has Larry been so candid. Charlie got everything he wanted!
  • Steve Suko
    This is hilarious. Larry treated the interviewer perfectly.
  • tqrecords
    I'm telling you man, with all the cynicism LD portrays in his writing he truly does look like a guy who straight up enjoys life. I've noticed that out of all the cast of Seinfeld he's the most youthful looking to this day.
  • Stuart McInnes
    I've never seen Charlie Rose laugh so much, dude's having the time of his life here
  • Wilson M.D
    It's so great Larry went on to continued success. Seinfeld was his launching pad. Surely he doesn't doubt his own comedic genius any more.
  • Codycos
    The comedians in car's getting coffee episode with Larry was fantastic. Both of them are laid back discussing the great topics in life. You can tell they really have familiarity and comfort with each other.
  • Surfex P
    So Larry didn't actually respect wood. Interesting.
  • I cannot imagine Larry David ever having a soulful conversation.
  • SM Spooner
    He goes on from here to create, imo, one of the best shows ever in Curb. The legend of Larry David.