Published 2023-03-18
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  • SuhArtistry
    damn you wont believe me but i was watching reactions of my fav reaction youtubers and i realised that someone's missing. then i remembered you and searched "set me free anthony". i scrolled down and saw this as 1 minute ago. DAMN that's called luck-
  • Shannanagins14
    This was the poem written on Jimin's chest by Ranier Maria Rilke.
    “I live my life in widening circles”
    Rainer Maria Rilke

    I live my life in widening circles
    that reach out across the world.
    I may not complete this last one
    but I will give myself to it.

    I circle around God, around the primordial tower.
    I’ve been circling for thousands of years
    and I still don’t know: am I a falcon,
    a storm, or a great song?
  • Ire Cahyani
    Jimin membuat semua orang terguncang ! Aku menyukai reaksinya 😎
  • Kogie Gounden
    Jimin setting himself free from the negativity and hate that plagued him for almost 9 years but had to hold back cos he was bound by the sqeaky clean good boy image and the Angel he is. When he said in one of his interviews "raw" and "explicit" Set Me Free Pt2 is it. No holding back ...this is his flow ...his time..don't give a fvck what others think or say...cos he is the rebirth of himself. ...he can be who he wants to be..like a butterfly out of the cocoon to spread his wings and live on his terms. Jimin's statements are strong and powerful but at the same pained and sad. SMF Pt2 could be a spin off LIE ( caught in a lie ) here set me free ...makes sense to me at least. I'm so proud of Jimin for being so real and so brutally honest on where he goes from here. This is NOT the BTS JIMIN.... This right here is the real Park Jimin...the Jimin we were denied of for 9 years . This is for sure SOTY ...AOTY...ARTIST OF THE YEAR. I don't care about other MV's but this here has reached an all new level... Jimin has raised the bar on this ...a league of his own...second to none .
  • Loredell
    As Hobi said "It's dark but very him".
    People forget this cute, sexy, lovely, sweet guy is much more than that. He and Hobi scare me the most if they get pissed, remember he has a decade worth of martial arts :_D plus it's been said in a lot of content that Jimin is actually the one that behaves like an old brother, and Yoongi and Jin are babies.
    Totally what I knew he could come up with. I never expect anything because they are talented enough to pull off any style they want to :D
  • Vicaohlaluna
    This Tony Montana's side of Jimin✨ we have actually been waiting a LONG time to see him again. I actually find very intentional that he made a song like this and named it paying homage to a Yoongi's song (Set me free). On the flip side, I find Yoongi's Set me free has a very melodic, almost light and airy sound (something one would typically associate with Jimin)🤍 so in my mind the two records entered a type of 'call and response' dynamic.
  • Aruna Erintikova
    Как Чимин мотивирует женщин и мужчин! Энтони распрямился, подтянулся, показал свою мускулатуру, мол , я тоже хорош! Конечно, хорош! Чимин всех освободил. Всё стали красивыми, сильными. В этом и сила искусства! Спасибо Энтони, ты, как и Чимин, настоящий мужчина.
  • Prachi Sahu
    i knew anthony would not be able to drink his coffee😂😂 Thats when we know how epic the music is!!
  • Wendy Mullis
    It's a German poem. This video is breathtaking! He is such a multi talented artist.
  • Потрясающий клип. Хореография и вокал на высшем уровне. В этом Чимин лучший. Эпично и грандиозно. Прочитав лирику я плакала. Меня восхищает сила духа у этого парня. Не смотря ни на что, он идёт вперёд и побеждает. Он достоин уважения. Он сказал хейтерам, коротко и ясно. Молодец👍. Клип 💣💣💣💣
  • Joy Bailey
    Jimin will be on Jimmy Fallon the 23rd as a guest and the performance of his main track will be aired on Fallon the 24th. .
  • kittylynnlpn 2006
    My daughter is hard core Army and she was shocked by this video. She's 16 and had been Army since 2015. BTS really saved her life during the pandemic. I told her don't be upset that they're all going to grow and change and that's okay. I love your reactions they are so authentic especially compared to other reactors. I especially have watched your BTS journey and I really appreciate your honestly love for the guys. ❤😊
    Asi como vos quedé yo cuando vi este video por primera vez, gratamente pasmada y feliz amo a JIMIN
  • kara-karina
    Yes, it's Set me Free pt. 2 cause Suga already has Set Me Free. Same as they did with J-Hope's Airplane, and BTS's Airplane pt.2. To be honest though, this is not new Jimin. This is Jimin at the beginning. You remember their 2015 battle with Block B? This reminds me quite a lot of it. It's like they are finally releasing the pressure. 💜💜💜 Also, Smoke Sprite is awesome! Please, react.
  • K leigh
    I am obsessed with this song. It's literally perfection. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be this good. Jimin has struggled a lot and has dealt with a lot of hate, especially from a lot of his fans/Army who expect him and the rest of bts to stay in the cute innocent kpop bubble forever, but this version of jimin is who he was when bts first started and he's finally free to be that version again. The real him.
  • Natap
    Я в восторге от Set me Free.Pt.2, Чимина,какой красавец разносторонний хорео,соло,подтанцовка какова!!!,все вместе с харизмой и очарованием Чимина вылилось в шедевральное действо👍
  • Uyla
    Энтони, я в Вас влюбилась.Замечательная реакция.
    Чимин всех поразил, он великолепен. Клип, песня и хореография шедевральны.
  • JoLkorea
    Every time we think that BTS have shown us everything, they prove us wrong 💜
    One Masterpiece after another 💜
    Goosebumps all over again !
    Thanks Ray
  • Lyz*AkmJp
    I think all ARMYs were taken by surprise with this new version of Jiimin, but I believe that's how it has to be with an artist isn't it, they've been on the road for 10 years and amen, how they've grown, evolved and always to better, let's give it up for our boys, they still have a lot to give us, I believe in them, always, they are our salvation in the midst of so many sickening songs (for me). Thanks for reacting and for the comments.
  • Sure is a shape of a caterpillar. Jimin was in this BTS cocoon (certain policy restrictions) for so long and now he's a butterfly (the adult/grown-up/mature stage of a butterfly life cycle). Set Me Free pt.2 is a clever music production. Suits Jimin so much 💜