I hit 100 TRICK SHOTS in LEGO...

Published 2023-03-12

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    What was your favorite trick shot?🥵💪🔥

    Also we made it #1 on trending babyyyyyyy let's gooooooo!!! WWWWWWWW
  • @YouTube
    let’s give it up for the dedication!! each of these was so satisfying to watch 🤩
  • I think we can all agree that no matter what the Lego puts him through he will never stop until he gets it right for us
  • @MrProShrek
    Honestly,this video is so heartwarming especially at 0:14 that compassion and his face made me shed a tear I could see the tear in my eyes all he was doing was trying to shoot and he actually did it that guy In the back was so respectful and kind definitely not angry also at 0:17 that smile made him look so kind and respectful! I always like when people look so cursed and happy truly heartwarming 0:20 that 35 dollars was so kind to buy the most cursed minifigure ever truly beautiful
    0:24 that 3 pointer was so wholesome and that yessir after it was the best thing I’ve ever heard
    0:29 that half court shot was so appealing that I started bouncing up and down while sobbing so hard
    0:35 that boing was pure beauty I have never seen anything better
    0:40 that auhhhhh was truly heartwarming so beautiful and perfect at the same time
    0:46 that across the backboard shot was one of the best thing I’ve ever seen I stopped sobbing so hard but started sobbing even harder while eating pizza
    0:55 that behind pass was so good honestly I stopped bouncing and started to sob so hard I made a pool in my house
    0:59 all I can say is that was What I call PURE BEAUTY

    Would recommend
  • @cheezum
    Bro these sets actually look so fire. There are so many unique mechanics. Wish Lego still made some of these.
  • This guy couldnt be bad... This dude is just... Too..PERFECT✨
  • @TheB3
    Gotta respect your insane patience! This must have taken FOREVER, but the result was epic 💪
  • @Joanna-gu5hk
    I found this channel like a week ago but I've been binging (as a lego builder) so just wanted to say your content is amazing keep up the good work!!
  • @Kiiicat_42
    This is honestly a dope video, nice work! Half of these sets I did not even know existed! 😂
  • @harce5904
    one thing I really like about him is that he is funny and nothing stops him from making awesome video's. :)
  • @vincekris
    Dude Perfect has been very quiet since this dropped…
    The amount of times TD has built the Globe set must be wild 🤣🥵
  • This channel is a masterpiece, the editing, the style , everything. They should get a award or something
  • @sergiocreo
    What a unique Lego. I would love to play with these myself.😊
  • @smtoonworld
    This is an absolute W of a video. Straight fire trick shots aswell, keep it up!!!
  • Amazing video … i can barely imagine the frustration behind this 😆😂 keep up the good work 💪
  • the dedication my guy has I hope you become a millionaire in the future because of how much you have entertained me for a few years
  • That skateboard spinner is surprisingly satisfying. Definitely gets some of that tech deck energy going
  • @YouTube-Robot
    I can’t even say it how good you are at making videos. Keep up the great work! 😁