Sabu takes the side of Adam Cole & Roderick Strong | AEW Dynamite 5/24/23

Published 2023-05-24
#AEWDynamite #Sabu #AdamCole

Sabu takes the side of Adam Cole & Roderick Strong | AEW Dynamite 5/24/23

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All Comments (21)
  • Jay Fasey
    So glad to see Sabu walking well, looks like he got his hip replacement. He deserves the very best health service available cus the dude is a hardcore legend
  • SIKU Jacob
    Sabu's like the Rasputin of wrestling. No matter what he puts his body through, he just will not die.
  • Andre Twyman
    The fact that he's still standing upright is amazing and astounding
  • Great Heights
    Never get tired of Sabu's iconic taunt. One of the best in the history of wrestling.
  • Alfonso Torres
    I'm really happy for Sabu making his debut at AEW after all he's been through his personal life in recent years, a living legend of wrestling.
  • SycoKid
    RVD and Sabu were my favorite ECW legends. It's been a long time seeing Sabu, thank you AEW!
  • KaDhare Finley
    “ Homicidal, Suicidal, Death - Defying “ Sabu in AEW I lost my mind when his music played. What a moment for Sabu welcome to AEW
  • Laya Monarez
    For those who don't know. Sabu is ECW extreme wrestling. He's like Mic Foley but with probably far more athleticism. An absolute hardcore legend.
  • Sabu
    So cool to see Sabu in AEW. He adds that crazy, psycho, maniacal, vibe to the company.and anyone willing to associate with him. If it wasnt for Sting, Darby would be awesome to pair up with Sabu.
  • Shane Brandy
    When I heard Adam Cole those four little words Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal, Death-defying and hearing TAZ saying "OH NO" in legit terrified manner made Sabu's AEW debut an epic one
  • Caligula Lauren
    What I loved about sabu is that when everyone was doing chair shots, he was throwing the chair straight to your grill. Simple effective violence.
  • David Witt
    Sabu is on the wildest wrestlers never. The true barbed wire match he had in ECW is legendary. The man ripped open his bicep, taped it up with duct tape and continued the match. That’s one tough SOB! Love Sabu
  • Mrwillie95
    The most amazing thing about sabu is that he is still able to walk
  • Colt
    Did not expect Sabu of all people to show up on Dynamite, but the man is a living legend and it's been far too long since he's been on mainstream television, so I'm all for it. Taz putting him over huge on commentary made this better too because of all their history in ECW, so I'm definitely looking forward to seeing him appear again at Double Or Nothing
  • Oh my God, I never thought I'd see Sabu again. He's one of the greats in this business. I hope to see him more often in AEW.
  • T Thomas
    Sabu was my favorite wrestler growing up. My AOL screenname had Sabu in it. He even tweeted me once and I don't think I stopped smiling, It's so amazing to see him back in a wrestling ring. You did it again, Tony!
  • Jae Jae
    The reason I love AEW is for moments like these giving legends that made the business a chance to come back and show they still got it ❤❤❤
    This made me so happy. It's great to see one of my heroes shown the respect he deserves.
  • wstine79
    That was definitely a surprise to see Sabu show up to stand with Adam Cole. Tazz knows what death defying moves he can do.
  • DovahDuke45
    Everytime I hear Sabu theme it's like the final boss is approaching