10 Minutes of Jimmy O. Yang Being Roasted By His Dad

Published 2022-07-02
What's Jimmy O Yang - Good Deal about?
Jimmy O Yang, star of Silicon Valley and Love hard is BACK in his HILARIOUS debut stand-up special. Jimmy O Yang dishes the dirt on everything, from learning English through rap, dating tall women, and following his DREAMS, much to his parent's distaste. So sit back, relax and ENJOY the bona fide American comedian, Jimmy O Yang.

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All Comments (21)
  • Micki C
    For several years I worked in a music store owned by an older Asian woman. She was BRUTAL with her bluntness and honesty with the staff…and I loved it. It was hilarious. She never meant any of it to be cruel, she just thought it was the best way to communicate and she knew what and how she wanted things done. Our turn over rate with employees was so high though because they were mostly young white music nerds who didn’t know how to take it.

    During cold/flu season right before the holidays she would buy everyone a giant Costco pack of vitamin C drink mix and demand we drink it every day so we didn’t get sick during the busy season. She would personally ask us all every day if we had drunk it. If we said no she would make us one right there and watch us drink it. To her credit, I didn’t get sick. 😂
  • ISAK
    I love the way he says “Jimmya” in his parents voices
  • C. Law
    Honestly, younger Asian people tend to be most polite people you’ll ever meet, and older Asian people tend to be the most rude people you’ll ever meet. I think they get to a certain age and just can’t hold it in any more and it all comes out.
  • mike wahousekey
    I looked up his dad and holy shit, he wasn't kidding. His dad has been in like 8 TV shows since 2013
  • cashbuyer4221
    This guy is great. Very cool demeanor. Even if im not laughing out loud every minute, it’s very enjoyable and entertaining. Good story teller
  • HellsKitsch
    My husband is Chinese raised in NY by his China born father. This is so hilarious and spot on. We fought for 18 years about how he was too harsh in raising our son. Lol.
  • Cynthia Cat
    my dad once told me that my face was 'democratic'. that all the parts, eyes nose etc were very 'freely' placed. yes. i have asian parents.
  • Gagex
    I love when he acted out how his dad walks with his hand behind his lower back like that lol
  • Reuben Manzo
    "You doctor yet?"
    "No, dad, I'm 12."
    "Talk to me when you doctor!"
  • Rhea Vaflor
    I love how these comments are like group therapy for kids of Asian parents. I remember doing my final wedding dress fitting (AKA my dream dress) and it fit perfectly. My mom and aunties were there. My mom busts out “that dress is pretty but you could lose 10 lbs” and all the aunties nodded in agreement. That one took a year of therapy to undo… 💕 Jimmy Yang for bringing some laughter to the pain 🙏🏽
  • Yunny Bae
    I've had the opposite asian parents, as both my mom and dad were dropouts. they always told me it was okay to drop out, so rebelled against them by going to grad school.🤓
  • TeenaNikole
    He’s hilarious 😂😂 my parents being 1st Gen immigrants were always frugal, but recent few years my dad’s investments done very well so in his words, he’s “DECENT” now. I suggested for him to check out Whole Foods, an hour later he returned with NOTHING purchased 😂 “you didn’t tell me what a rip off this place was”. Oh man, u gotta love/hate old asian people lol.
  • tyler beyl
    Love this guy, he’s so relatable! My grandmother is from Okinawa, I’ve had the honorable displeasure of living through a lot of his stand up material.
  • Henry Airconcepts
    so true. first thing that my mum said after she hasn't seen me over 10yrs whilst I was in another country was "U got so many pimples in your face"😢😢😢
  • FruitsandCoffee
    My parents passed more than a decade ago but the violent flashback at that first, "o-yo" had me abort a scream into the whistle range😂😂😂 pretty sure the neighbor's dog is traumatized for life now.
  • nette
    My Japanese grandma said I would never marry cause I can't peel a potato. Told her I was already married. Her response? That's why you're divorced, you can't peel a potato correctly. Thanks grandma.
  • Tedric Callaghan
    I died when he mentioned Kumon. My entire childhood just ran over my face like a fucking freight train, holy shit. Haha
  • Nala Phan
    I admire his talent that he could turn these Asian styles to funny jokes and made them popular in a good way. Personally, I hate my parents and relatives treating me this way and always wanted to shut myself from any gatherings.
  • Fransiska Erlyana
    Even when you are rich, beautiful, wonderfuly married, have a good son and daughter, if you're an Asian, your parents will say: "yeaah, but she can't cook"
  • Renata Freitas
    I am Brazilian. Just had my first baby, my dad sat in my bed in the hospital and said "now, concentrate on losing weight", my mom brought a diet protein shake as a gift in the same day. Unbelievable!