Testing VIRAL TikTok Beauty HACKS

Published 2023-03-17

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  • Her editing talent is insane! I actually gasped when she accidentally ’shaved’ her eyebrow!
  • Radek Jozwik
    Don't tell me no one thought she actually shaved her eyebrow! Her editing skills are on point!!!! love u deni!!
  • Avocado
    Everything about Deni and this video is awesome. Her looks, talent, humour, editing, EVERYTHING❤️
  • Am I the only one who one day just clicked on one of her videos and now is obsessed with her editing and cute voice?!?!
  • 멜론
    Using MORE foundation doesn't seem like a hack when you'll end up spending more money haha btw I love your videos, you're always so cheerful and silly ♡
  • Nichole Tr
    Κάθε φορά που βλέπω βίντεο σου , σκέφτομαι το εξής! Ποσό επιτυχημένη είσαι σε αυτό που κανεις και ποσό δεν σε αναφέρουν σαν όνομα στην Ελλάδα παρ όλο τον κόπο σου. Συγχαρητήρια για όλη την δουλειά σου , είσαι παράδειγμα 🥺🙏🏻🫶🏻💫
  • Chenuli Silva
    Her cute voice + her talents + her edits = A bucket load of amazingness

    edit : and her hairstyle + kindness + awesomeness
  • Deni always let's her intrusive thoughts win regarding makeup and I'm here for it😂❤
  • Emmie Lue Who
    Deni is one of the best editors and casual comedians I've ever seen ❤ I never stop smiling watching- 😂
  • Tooba Rashid
    So we are ignoring the fact that how simple and beautiful her hairstyle is 💕?????
  • I just found out that Deni edits herself like that's crazy. me and my mom were watching and when you "shaved" your eyebrows my mom and me started to freak out. Literally chefs kiss
  • I don’t wear ANY makeup (yes, I know, I’m crazy) and have really had a desire to until I watched your videos! You apply it so flawlessly and make it look simple! I’m sure it took lots of practice to get there, but you can always tell when someone is talented in something by how easy they make it look! You are awesome Denny!
  • Mury Giz
    E, най-после ново видео 🎉Мерси за доброто настроение, чаровнице! ❤
  • Ashiapink
    Am I the only one who kinda panicked when she edited her eye brows to shave off ?😅 cause it looked so real her editing skills is amazing!❤
  • She is absolutely filled with cuteness talents and positivity, I love watching her videos
  • Ali Sadaat
    Even if I'm having a bad day she always makes me smile with that charming personality😀😊
  • We all need to appreciate how her editing skills have improved over the year’s😍🥰❤️❤️
    Everyone’s favorite Denni🎉❤
  • Ali Shameez
    Your so cute and fun deni just remember we love you so much ..can we all appreciate how much effort she puts into her videos. We know it takes a lit of time to edit a video .but she does it all for us .we love you girl