TEMS | 1 Hour of Chill Songs | Afrobeats/R&B MUSIC PLAYLIST | Tems

Published 2022-06-23

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  • Ashanti
    I work with individuals with cerebral palsy. I play this playlist EVERY day. it's like the only playlist that actually keeps them calm. like, ALLLLL day.. I play it at home, everywhere. such a vibe! THANK YOU!!!
  • Love the tone of her voice and the vibes when she is singing this is so soothing to the soul.Every song gets better and better
  • Tracey King
    I came across this wonderful artist.
    Her words in each song resonates my mind and soul. Very unique artist.
    She sings with heart.
    Love you Tems
  • They Lie
    We are witnessing the equivalent of Sade in 2022. This lady has it ALL & when she sings , she connects with us ALL! A legend in the making!
  • Cornell Davis
    TEMS is deeper than the ocean. Her music brings me a deep sense of peace 🔥🔥🔥🔥🎼🎼🎼. My favorite artist right now
  • Texas Houston
    Thanks for the mix, DJ Hol Up!

    0:00 Higher_ Tems
    3:10 These Days_ Tems
    5:44 Interference_ Tems
    8:35 Try Me_ Tems
    11:40 Avoid Things_ Tems
    15:08 Wait for You_ Future feat. Tems & Drake
    18:07 Looku Looku_ Tems
    21:33 Peace_ Mannywellz & Tems
    24:27 Free Mind_ Tems
    28:30 Good Time_ Lady Donli feat. Tems
    31:29 Replay_ Tems
    34:24 Decided_ Odunsi (The Engine) feat. Tems
    36:57 Tales by Moonlight_ Odunsi (The Engine) feat. Tems
    39:41 Kiss the Fire_ Collectiv3 feat. Tems
    41:30 Too Bad_ Show Dem Kamp feat. Tems and Amaarae
    45:14 Soon_ Black Magic feat. Tems
    48:06 Crazy Tings_ Tems
    50:50 Vibe Out_ Tems
    55:38 Damages_ Tems
    58:09 Essence_ Wizkid feat. Tems
    1:02:09 Falling_ LADIPOE feat. Tems
    1:05:06 Found_ Tems feat. Brent Faiyaz
    1:08:23 Trouble_ DRB Lasgidi feat. Tems, Teezee, and Fresh L
    1:11:34 Mr. Rebel_ Tems
    1:15:17 Ice T_ Tems

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  • Soul 24h
    To anyone who's reading this, ITS GOING TO BE OK. I pray that whatever is hurting you or whatever you are constantly stressing about gets better. May the dark thoughts, and the over thinking, and the doubt exit your mind right now and may clarity and understand replace confusion. I declare peace and calmness to fill your life.
  • Mylin Stellar
    I am overcoming deep depression and a breakup this playlist gets me through my day. Thank you :)
  • i Home
    Thought it was just me! Dealing with depression but this is the only album that keeps me going. I pray she knows how many lives she’s healing
  • will Williams
    Lost both my parents in the space of a year, and going through my second year in university while working at the same time, I need some TEMS to focus, her voice puts me in that place where nothing else matters except the melodies, and I feel relaxed and I can actually focus. Thank you TEMS
  • Relm 23
    I love her voice. And with the soulful music behind it is absolutely calming. It calms my brain down bc I have so much always goin on up there. It's so chaotic at times and this is such a blessing.
  • Chanel Howard
    Tems music definitely gets me through my anxiety day's especially when it's peaking. Her music is the calm to my storm!!
  • I find myself back to this playlist everytime. Studying, self-care, reflection, the lows and highs. This mix of Tems is just really it for me <3 Thank you dj
  • Killmaisy
    This is getting me through some crazy things right now..anyone else? ❤❤
  • Eyez Wideshut
    This album picks up my emotions And puts my mental in a whole different mindset.. Her voice and words speaks to my soul.. Legendary album
  • soul fine
    I love the mixture of decades in all of your playlist. It's never just music from the 90s or 2000s. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO!
  • I can listen to TEMS on repeat all day. She really changes your mood when you're going thru tough times. Just found out my mother is in stage three of lung cancer and it spreader, thankfully not to her brain. Thank you Tems, you are the 💊 we need in this 🌎. ❤️
  • Bajj Ajjj
    The more of her music I find the more I love her. She is really something special 😍
  • Achoda Nick
    Listen to this in solitude with headphones on; Tems, you're a blessing.