Vocal Coach Reacts to Jimin - Set Me Free Pt.2

Published 2023-03-18
Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to 지민 (Jimin) 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV and discusses his use of autotune Patreon: www.patreon.com/tristanparedes

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  • @Pri-lv
    People expected him to be more bubblegum pop just because he looks cute and has a light sweet voice, but jimin does what jimin wants and i honestly love it. The choreo is also top notch
  • @Gsibingo
    Yes! You get it! Jimin’s vocals in this song are very INTENTIONAL. I believe that the interspersing between the auto tune and his own are meant to represent that struggle between different parts of yourself or with yourself and the darkness inside or with outside forces. For me it represents that struggle to be set free. This entire song and the performance felt incredibly intentional to me.
  • You literally got the song and the meaning of different voices expressing different part of of lyrics and songs, he is so amazing and to realise this is his first solo song and is a pre release! I am extremely excited for Jimin and his solo, i love it💗
  • Honestly, I'm glad you're actually one of the people that aren't upset about how heavily autotuned the song and knew it was an artistic approach that Jimin had in mind.
  • @Chichachillie
    i'm not army and i don't really care for kpop/pop but damn, this songs is fire.
    i love how everything comes full circle. his intent/theme, the rilke poem, autotune as some sort of his inner voice. that's creativity and well thought out.
    can't commend the choreographer and the dancers enough as well
  • @Joo-vs7os
    I love how each member just shows us more and more of themselves outside of BTS, while still relating. we or I might have gotten too comfortable with what we were given in terms of vocals and personality. I love how every reaction showed some form of shock and whiplash from seeing this. it really is a good example of how much we don't know, Im happy for jimin. so proud on his success with set me free pt.2.

    Edit: 1k?! Wow thats a lot! ☺ thank you guys, and for supporting our jimin. I know you guys loved FACE as much as I did 💜💜
  • @Nunyabusiness13
    Absolutely loved this reaction. The hate he's been receiving from the auto tune but we know it's not being used to mask his vocals but to make him sound more aggressive when needed.
  • @elvia9947
    He's getting dragged so bad by some people bc of the autotune, so it's nice to see actual professionals saying that it's a good stylistic choice and important for story telling. The song is great and the performance/choreo makes it even better.
  • @fmafire
    Thank you for posting this!
    Jimin,as a BTS member but also as a person,has had to deal with a lot of hate and the false perception of who he is by fans,antis etc since debut.He has struggled with freely showing who he is,with expressing himself entirely how he wants to,and this song in part sheds light to that struggle and conveys how he had to fight with a darker side and in the end how he managed to feel freer to be who he is and to show others,again as an artist and as a person.So the vocal changes,as you mentioned,are probably intentional,according to the lyrics he's singing each time.
    And he really did put a lot of work into this song and his album(coming out on the 24th) so you were spot on about everything being planned out with precision.
    Hope you'll enjoy the rest of his songs too!
  • @namo6051
    I am happy you mentioned "the responses" because what is happening in the song is like story telling , there's a conversation with himself & auto tune parts are the voices inside his head, his thoughts .. also the choir is amazing, This song is such a masterpiece ,i can't wait to see live performances too ❤️
  • @hadjergoc6738
    The use of his vocal range in this song only is mind-blowing and still can't get over him that's why I watch all reactions from vocal teachers I find!! imagine what is coming for HIS ALBUM!!
  • @MishLee
    I think the dancers in black could represent the doubts, fears and lack of confidence that he suffered at the start. And the autotune voice represents that angry, frustrated inner voice.
    I love this song 😭
  • This song is extremely layered. From the use of auto tune, to the visuals it is all surrounded by purpose!! The more you dig, the deeper and more purposeful it becomes
  • @dinamysova8553
    Спасибо за реакцию. Чимин - это огромное благословение для нашего мира
  • @snd3227
    I love the way you understand how he changed the vocal techniques and modulation to add color and emphysis. I had similar thoughts, that there was a intentional reason for everything within this video and song. Congrats to Jimin on a stellar performance and everyone involved in this production including the dancing who were amazing.
  • @zeya93
    it takes me a while to actually love a song but this song i fell in love with almost instatntly,, incredible work by jimin.. thnks for reacting, Tristan,, you are an angel <3
  • @patipati4252
    I still can't believe set me free debuted at #30 and now like crazy is #1 on billboard hot100 😭😭😭That's exactly what Jimin deserves😭 Great job ARMY 💜
  • I am so proud of Jimin i cried at how beautiful this was!!! Jimin is in a league of his own. This is a masterpiece!!!
  • @Toggie511
    Your interpretation and the analysis of Jimin’s voice as to this epic piece of music makes me love this song even more, thank you. 🌟
  • @brie
    the intro !?!? ALL TGE INSTRUMENTALS !?!? ITS SO SO GOOD !?!? maybe i’ve been sleepin on this man for too long and need to dive into his music