Peter Graves | The Complete "Pioneers of Television" Interview

Published 2022-02-11
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Peter Graves retells his iconic career and memorable moments from the hit show "Mission: Impossible".

Director: Steven J Boettcher

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All Comments (21)
  • René
    Love this series but wish they'd list what year each of these interviews was captured. It would help the perspective as to the contemporary time they're reflecting from.
  • Patrick Mersinger
    One thing I noticed. Peter is very kind and complimentary to his co stars . Kinda rare these days. I think he understands that it’s more like WE made a great project here. Very refreshing to hear that these days.
  • John Little
    What a warm, likeable, intelligent and modest man. Always loved his work in Whiplash and Mission Impossible.
  • Richard Williams
    I was very fortunate to have a bit speaking part as an Anchorman in the episode called The Fortune which starred Michael Pate as a Dictator. Peter Graves is such a gracious man, a real gentleman
  • jeremy hodge
    This man is a unique talent of a actor. I enjoyed watching Mission Impossible and the Airplane movies 😄
  • Henry Gonzalez
    I am so glad I came across this wonderful interview since I've always been a big fan of Peter Graves. The behind-the-scenes stories he tells are quite interesting and shed light on both his lengthy career and his attitude toward the many projects he has been in. He comes across as the intelligent, caring, decent man I've always understood him to be - a true professional.
  • Dina Cox
    What a wonderful gentleman. I remember liking him so much! His memory is amazing with details, names, projects...just amazing.
  • Jack Kunkel
    What sets him apart is that he was always a true gentleman.
    Very rare nowadays!
  • Diana Rockwell
    Always liked him. He did one of my favorite movies, the ballad of Josie with Doris Day and a wonderful cast. Loved mission impossible! I even liked him on murder she wrote.
  • Scott Stewart
    My favorite scene in Airplane! is the scene where Leslie Neilson lists off the cascading symptoms anybody that ate the fish will experience, and Peter acts them out.
  • Jonathan Woodham
    What a Prince of a Man.
    He should of done more Comedy...He was so funny in Airplane.
  • Kurt Baird
    I would have liked to hear of his experience in Stalag 17.
  • Joseph Bacon
    I always liked him. Very fond memories of Fury! Love hearing him with these stories.
  • tiffsaver
    Wow, what a wonderful series! Mr. Graves was so utterly FASCINATING to listen to, that this may have been one of the most memorable interviews I have ever seen, and I am 75-years old. But when he realized all of the many, many shows he was an integral part of, that really knocked my socks off... I had no idea how many great series he actually starred in. His nearly photographic memory was immense, and his sense of humor both marvelous and self-effacing. Just look at his hilarious star turn in "Airplane"... classic.
    As a child, I loved the series "Fury," and on my birthday I remember asking my grandfather if he'd buy me a black stallion. I remember he replied, "I'll see what I can do." And once again, I had no idea that Peter Graves acted in that, too. But I think his last major episodic, A&E's "Biography," may have been his most memorable achievement of all, with his mellifluous voice anchoring that superb series as only he could. In everything he did, he brought a degree of wholesomeness and gravitas that is truly admirable, and the fact that James Arness was his brother only brings added truth to the adage, "Talent often runs in the family." RIP, Peter Graves.
  • Captain Kangaroo
    Being a fellow Minnesotan I have always admired him and his older brother, James Arness along with E.G. Marshall.
  • Neil Forbes
    3:59 "Whiplash" was made BY an Australian production company, produced for Station ATN-Sydney(NSW), HSV-Melbourne(Victoria), BTQ-Brisbane(Queensland), ADS-Adelaide(Sth. Australia) and TVW-Perth(West Australia) then sold to regional stations around the country. Peter Graves had a rare privilege to work on an Australian-made show, even though the Australian TV industry was in its infancy back in 1959/60.
  • Rowby Goren
    Very enjoyable interview with Peter Graves.
  • DE Fiverr
    One of the greatest Jims ever, Jim Phelps, Jim West, Jim Kirk. There are no better Jims than these Jims. Ever!
  • Mike Elek
    The Phelps and Morris families were very close, and the children became and remain good friends. Philip Morris reportedly was extremely distraught when Jim Phelps passed away.