The BEST Weapon in Fortnite Chapter 5!

Published 2023-12-05
Today I show you the BEST Weapons in Fortnite Chapter 5 and give you guys a Full Attachment guide so you guys know how everything works! I hope this video lets you get a lot more wins!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you enjoy!

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  • @SypherPK
    A lot of you guys were asking for an attachment guide so I broke down everything! Enjoy!
  • @Goofy_goobster
    I feel like there should be an attachment preset system that you would set up in the lobby, so then when you find a bench you can select the preset and automatically buy the right attachments without needing to go through them
  • @Fiberz_

    Hammer Pump Shotgun:
    [whatever scope you prefer]
    speed mag

    Striker AR:
    holo-13 optic
    drum mag
    vertical foregrip
    muzzle brake

    Reaper Sniper Rifle:
    holo-13 optic
    drum mag
    angled foregrip

    Frenzy Auto Shotgun:
    [whatever scope you prefer]
    speed mag
    laser/angled foregrip
    muzzle brake

    Ranger Pistol:
    holo-13 optic
    drum mag
    muzzle brake


    Edit: Recently watched a video comparing speed and drum mag, and it sounds like speed mag is the better pick for most guns. I’ll keep above the same as it is what this video says, but speed mag seems to be the better choice.
  • @ldcommando1616
    I want Epic to add a heavy revolver with this new attachment system that fills a similar role to the OG hand cannon.
  • @Everettisepic
    I’ll be honest, day one was kind of scary and overwhelming, but I’m actually loving these new attachments now
  • @robinfox4440
    I'm loving how much more useable medkits have become in this new season. Healing in general is vastly improved.
  • @jonlobov1249
    We can all agree these informative videos are informative.
  • @FeganFloop
    I think, either they should add an attachment present system in the lobby, or scatter workbenches throughout more pois and landmarks, because unless you land at the bosses pois, the mods are basically non existent
  • @Sir_Spongey
    Here's a little guide you can copy and paste!

    Hammer pump: Red eye sight (optional), Speed mag, Laser, Supressor

    Auto shotgun: Any sights, Speed mag, Angled foregrip/Laser, N/A

    Striker ar: Holo-13 Optic,Drum mag, Laser, Muzzle brake

    Sniper: Holo-13 Optic, Drum mag, Angled foregrip, Supressor

    Pistol: Holo-13 Optic, Drum mag, Vertical foregrip, Muzzle brake

    Edit: Burst smg: Any scope, Speed mag, Laser, Muzzle brake

    Speaking from experience, that combo is awesome. You have 100% accurate hipfire, and the burst deals decent damage.

    He does not go into the smgs and nemesis ar, just use whatever I guess 🤷‍♂
  • @Carlosw1x
    Bro giving away all the secrets to win
  • @caydenb1888
    I think that the sniper should use the red dot optic because the holographic takes up the entire optic and it’s harder to see him but with the red dot it is nice and small so it can be more precise and easier to aim with.
  • @FoodIsGood753
    -Hammer pump-
    Red eye sight
    Speed mag
    -Striker AR-
    Holo 13 optic
    Drum mag
    Muzzle break
    Holo 13 optic
    Drum mag
    Angled foregrip
    Thanks Sypher!
  • @PlutoV2
    They just have to fix the movement
  • @podcasthub7526
    I get why Epic made it so that weapons above common rarity would spawn with mods, it adds a nice bit of variety to the loot pool, but it also disrupts the weapon balance. Higher rarities are even stronger than lower rarities due to spawning with multiple mods that only give advantages, meaning being blessed by RNGeus makes you more powerful than being blessed before. Higher rarities that use iron sights are extremely rare and force you to use lower rarities if you prefer to use iron sights.

    Also why is there rocket ammo? Maybe I just haven’t gotten lucky but I have not seen a single weapon that uses rocket ammo.
  • @RTXsmokey4k
    Another day, another victory for the OG’s
    Awesome guide, you've detailed everything perfectly. Your instructions are crystal clear and easy to follow. Looking forward to more insightful content like this.
  • @chasek12
    Keep making the content sypher love your stuff❤️
  • @kuorumi
    The auto shotgun is definitely up there, depending on the rarity, it can 2 shot in zero build at point blank to close range if you aim at the head. I’d say it’s really just the exotic maven without the abilities .
  • If you use theburst w/ the silencer and holo scope, and then the fast mag, it really feels like a cod weapon🤗
  • @Spyd3rOnYT
    i understand that there are mod benches in the vault but there should be portable ones to carry kinda like how the upgrade benches were in C2 S3 in a way, or add lots of them around the map. just so it’s much easier to upgrade your weapon