Transformed: How to Set Personal Goals By Faith with Pastor Rick Warren

Published 2014-01-20 --Learn how to set personal goals by faith in this message from our weekend series: 50 Days of Transformation. This series is centered around our Transformed study with Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church.

This message will teach you why goals are key components to changing and transforming your life and the kind of goals that God will bless. Goal setting is a spiritual responsibility, goals are statements of faith, goals focus my energy, goals keep me going, goals build my character, and good goals will be rewarded. God didn't bring you here to watch everyone else's life be transformed--Join in at

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All Comments (20)
  • Purple Cello
    Still listening exactly 7 years later (MLK day 2022). Relevant as ever 🌿
  • David MacDowell
    7 years later and I'm still so inspired by his videos. He's such a smart, loving, and dedicated man. My role model.
  • So sad Pastor is retiring 😔
    So appreciate all Pastor has done for the Kingdom, and how much I've learned and grown as a result💕🙏🕊
  • Karyawan Miskin
    My goal in life is to be able to walk straight, head held up high, with a purposeful look in my face and head straight for the Cross to express my gratitude.
  • JoeMAMA007
    One of my goals is to either start or be a part of a ministry for those that are suffering from depression in South Korea, a country that has one of the highest suicide rates among developed nations. My Korean is not fluent (yet) and don't quite have the funds to make it happen yet, but God willing, someday.
  • connie salenga
    I love all the preachings of Pastor Rick, I don’t understand why I still see thumbs down😔THANKS PASTOR RICK FOR ALL YOUR WORK❤️GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU💕💐
  • Jose L
    This actually transformed my life. Thanks God for letting me hear this! Thanks God for the life of this pastor. May God bless him and let him bring glory to God more that  ever in his life.
  • Ita John
    This a real church for all churches to model after, Pst Rick thanks
  • Kughavi Katty
    Pastor Rick, your books, preaching, teaching are awesome and blessings.God bless
  • John Rometo
    Glory be to God! I love you Christ and I give you all that I am! I love you forever and always I promise with all I have!
  • Leo881971
    WOW - 16-18 hours of study to put together a sermon..
    Fantastic work Pastor x
  • Kingdom Citizen
    Yup I felt down down doubidowndown lately but I had set goals and I'm refreshed by this message thank God!!!
  • Abey John
    The best sermon I have ever heard. Thank you Pastor Rick
  • Alison Allain
    Its been 24 years since I first attended Saddleback!! This church continues to unite, bless, and multiply the believers all across the world with the heart of Jesus/Yeshua!!
  • Kristina Perez
    I’m only halfway and I’m so glad to get this message :)
    Romans 12:2 !
    I noted in my phone that the size of my God determines the size of goals and I know in my heart I can accomplish anything with the Lord,Amen!