Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Ruin DLC Gameplay Trailer

Published 2023-05-19
The long awaited free DLC to Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is near!

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  • @IkerUnzu
    this month is being gold for FNAF
  • @otaku-mal
    Honestly, this is why I wasn’t bothered that security breach was bright and colorful because now it shows how the DLC is three times darker and you’re able to see the difference. Honestly, can’t wait for this game.
  • @DarkNugget39
    Roxanne might be a good guy this time. In the scene where she's holding on to Cassie (0:50) it doesn't seem like Cassie is that panicked or trying to get away and Roxanne isn't paying her much attention. At first, I thought Roxanne was looking around confused but then I thought she could be protecting Cassie from something. especially since her ears are moving around listening and she herself is "looking" around while holding onto Cassie's arm. If Roxanne was dangerous, I imagine Cassie would be trying to get her to let go, but instead she just gives Roxanne's hand a tap. which would most certainly cause Roxanne to realize someone is there and attack. another reason I think she's good is because Cassie is seen using more Roxanne objects. Not only is she wearing a red cardigan (0:03), (being red like Roxanne's shirt in base game) she also uses a Roxanne themed walkie-talkie (0:36) and is seen with bright green nails (0:27, 0:41 and 0:51). (Similar to the color of green in Roxy's hair before she becomes all dirty and destroyed) There is also the scene where she is holding that weird Freddy themed thing with the antenna, but I think there's more evidence to suggest that Roxanne will end up helping Cassie. Maybe because Freddy ends up being corrupted while Roxanne isn't.

    I'd like to add that I've seen some other people's videos talking about the intercom UI during the scene where we see Roxy on the cameras (0:33) which could also point to her being good. (The intercoms being used to talk to Roxy since she's blind, stated by others who have made videos on the Roxanne being good theory.)
  • @agnite6454
    The 'Don't give up on me yet' is such a powerful quote from Gregory. It's like the Devs at Security Breach / Help Wanted 2 and the Filmmakers of the FNAF Movie are speaking to the Community that despite Scott's Retirement, they don't want the community to give up on FNAF because without the YouTubers or it's Community. FNAF wouldn't exist
  • @Hannah-ik7qq
    I'm SO excited! The designs all look super cool; I love the return to the dark colors and aesthetics that really feel true to FNAF. Like a lot have said, I'm curious if Roxy is going to act more as our protector in this. Also, very curious what's up with Freddy. We saw next to none of him here, which to me is a bit odd. Very excited for July!
  • @madfox1006
    Man give the person who does the security breach trailers a billlion dollar raise, his music always slaps.
  • @Zajcu37
    What a great month. Two huge fnaf trailers in such a short time. The hype is real!!!
  • @phantom.4444c
    I feel like this DLC could make the game feel finally complete and breathtaking
  • @payton2285
    first time i’ve ever seen someone fighting back against the jumpscares. super cool.
  • @hannahnene
    I really hope that in this we can actually save the animatronics, more specifically chica, because she (and Freddy but hes not under control) is super caring (proven by a lot of things, i dont want to explain though) and she is under vannys control a lot more than the others because she twitches all the time and you can hear her crying, showing she’s fully aware of what she’s doing (and doesnt want to do it) but cant stop herself.
  • @cd7848
    I loved security breach when it came out! It was my first FNAF game and even though it had a ton of bugs and I had it on the PS4 which was the most buggy version, I thought a TON of personality that you just don't see in videogames that much anymore. My only complaint was that I felt that the story wasn't explored enough so I hope that we get to have that here. Either way I think Steel Wool should be incredibly proud of what they've done because developing cross gen is probably super hard.
  • I'm cautiously optimistic about this. Honestly, the original game was a major dud, with a lot of optimization missing, which unfortunately ruined the experience for me and my sister. If I'm not mistaken we were on the gantry over Chica's section, when we discovered some stairs with a chain or something blocking passage. I jumped at it just out of curiousity, and we clipped over, instantly skipping like half the game and entering the final stage of he Ending to (*spoilers*) kill Vanny with her own security guards. However, if they can ensure this DLC runs smoothly, without glitches or the game melting down my computer, then I think it stands to be a pretty interesting new addition to the franchise. I was always a big fan of a more open-world game such as secutiry breach, because it not only added more depth to the story, but also seemed a more logical mechanic (staying in a singel location while you know monsters know you're there and are coming for you didn't sit too well with me, despite it being so the game could take place). The claustrophobic feel of konwing you're trapped in the building with these creatures, and having to use every tool at your disposal to stay one step ahead is extremely fun, so I hope they do better with this DLC than the original game.
  • If you look in the corner when you see the Player playing as Cassie, it's a pink Freddy head, with her name (I think) circling around it. I think this means that we're going to be switching from Cassie to Gregory when Cassie does her little plug with the radio device. This could possibly add power to a shut down down where Gregory is, and that allows him to run, and switch sides to Cassie once again. Really hope so, so Gregory can provide advice to Cassie as she walks around and hides from the animatronics. Also, our biggest ally might end up being either Roxanne or Chica. Roxanne because she didn't try and harm Cassie when she grabbed her arm, but also because she doesn't pose much of a threat to the player, since well.. She's shattered, and she can't see at all. Chica, because she was in the poster, and she's been in a couple leaks like the "Chica Chowda", or the "Underwater Chica Tour". (I don't know the names, bare with me.) Sun and moon will be helping us as well. Sum hopefully has a good amount of control, and Moon just doesn't care anymore. I feel like Freddy might honestly be hostile for some time, but once he hears Gregory's voice come from Cassies walkie talkie, he'll stop and help us. We might have a lot more allies then people might think. As for the mask, I personally think that yes, if you wear it for to long, you might become controlled. I hope there's a special death screen, like Cassie falling over and dying, or something like that. (Sorry if that sounded gruesome, I'm just really hyped.) The remote might pose as a power source, and help open doors for Gregory so he can keep moving, while also using his knowledge to help Cassie sneak around. The mask might pose as a Freddy replacement, however. You never know. As for if Gregory is here or not, I think.. Yes and no. Yes, being that he is here, and really needs help, but also no, due to the mimic of Gregory. I think Cassie will have a choice to choose which is real, and kill the other. As for what ending it could be, I think that it might end up being Vanny saved ending. Due to it being 3 stars, and also makes the most sense to me.
  • If Roxanne is a good guy in this DLC, then this proves a thought I had involving her. She was never a bad guy, she was an actually emotionally manipulated robot who didn’t use critical thinking. If she did, Gregory would’ve had an easier time in the Pizzaplex. But while the others had crazed ramblings, she would instead cry about not being a loser. I think they made that part relatable because she was never hacked. She was bullied. And if only there was someone bullying the animatronics to begin with. I imagine someone like that would’ve had a pretty big role in the first part of the game if they were to do something like that, and even had examples of them doing it. If only.
  • I kinda think Cassie could remove the virus that controls Roxy, and maybe she could be protective (as Freddy was with Gregory) because Cassie could help Roxy with her self-esteem issues.
  • @fairiemattie
    this looks amazing, and like a totally new game sequel to security breach. i’m so excited
  • This actually looks frightful and I love it, can’t wait to see the actual game released 👍
  • @Lyle09
    Hey Steel Wool, I am sure you are aware that the state case railing above the head in Roxy raceway has no collision so you can jump up onto the top part that is supposed to be closed off. The bleachers up there, you can jump onto the security gates and get onto the track to skip the arcade section. I just wanna help and I hope this game be at its greatest. So far, it’s the only glitch I can actually pull off in the ps5 version of security breach, so great job at making this game less broken and more playable