WARNING: YOU WILL DIE | Five Nights at Freddy's 3 - Part 1

Published 2015-03-02
Forget everything you think you know about Five Nights at Freddy's. I beat Nights 1 and 2 and the only thing I learned is that I've never felt more panicked and scared. You MUST check this game out!
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All Comments (21)
  • @pibanddip
    I’m 99.9% sure that Scott watches Mark.
  • @Moldeebread
    Can we just appreciate the fact that the telephone guy talked for 4 hours straight.
  • @iris0_970
    Mark: it's like a frankenstein monster combination of all the animatronics

    Scott: fuck that's genius ✍️
  • @Sonofkenshi1580
    I cannot get over the fact that the most replayed part of the video was Mark talking about the Foxy and Mangle ship ☠
  • @Green_harmony
    I like how this is the third game but he still hasn't learned that phone guy is literally giving him the instructions on how to not die
  • @angelicdevil6489
    The fact that Mark theorized that Springtrap was an amalgamation of the animatronics, JUST for us to get Ennard two or so years later is WILD.
  • @TetanicRain
    Mark keeps on accidentally guessing the FNAF lore and it’s fascinating.
  • @fnafgirl1983
    Mark: “I’m alive?! Why am I alive?!”
    Scott: “Write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!”
  • @caseybaker7935
    I love the implications of Phone Dude's second call. He starts out super excited about how they found "a real one", practically to the point where it sounds like he's making the recording seconds after unboxing it. And then he turns around and realizes it isn't there anymore. He probably set the training tapes to autoplay and booked it out of the building without looking back.

    Phone Dude is the smartest character in all of horror game history.
  • @trolltroll7510
    Hearing him say “but that’s just a theory.. a GAME theory” just made my whole day better
  • Knowing what we know now, this is the most badass FnaF game. Facing off against the killer, poetically haunting his own suit, and him being released after being locked up for so long, with this intense hatred for his son, whomst you are playing as. In my eyes, this is the climax of the series
  • @sunflower-ducks
    One of my favorite parts of this series is when Mark plays the first night of each game and his mouth just hangs wide open for the entirety of the night as he listens to the insanity that Phone Guy/Dude is casually spewing.
  • @stardestroyer81
    I love how during the first night's phone call, Mark is silent for like three in-game hours and the first word he utters to break the silence is 'oh'
  • @mktutorials3770
    Can we appreciate that mark guessed wrong about what springtrap was, but guessed what ennard was?
  • @sashar9031
    "This game is meant to be incredibly different than the others."
    Security breach:
  • @samuelmckay9648
    I still can't believe we are all rewatching this series, whether it's for nostalgia sake, just doing it for fun before the movie, or both, it is somewhat surreal.
  • Mark naming the animatronics:

    Mark: Golden Freddy
    Scott: Genius
    Mark: Bon Bon
    Scott: Love it
    Mark: Bunny bastard bitch balls!
    Scott: ...We'll come back to that one
  • @MrFlamingJester
    Markiplier: describing Springtrap like molten freddy

    Scott: “Write that down, write that down!”