House of the Dragon Season 2 | Episode 5 Preview | Max

Published 2024-07-07
Dragons have fallen.

A new episode of the HBO Original Series #HouseOfTheDragon is now streaming on @StreamOnMax.

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All Comments (21)
  • @nat_t
    Meleys looking back at her beloved rider and Raneys falling down from the sky were so heartbreaking...
  • @KyleK2098
    Tell me Aemond wanted Aegon dead without telling me Aemond wanted Aegon dead
  • @Hmzytalks
    Seeing Meleys paraded around like that is giving me Robb Stark with his Wolf head flashbacks 🥴
    A true Tagaryen will never ever let a dragon to be humiliated by this
  • @Divine_Chareka
    Parading Meleys' head in the streets of King's Landing is diabolical
  • @NiranGs
    Rhaenys and Meleys, the baddest, most fiercest duo there ever was. The last look between them broke my heart, their bond was unbreakable.
  • @Infiltrator_
    Parading around a dead dragons head is probably the dumbest thing they could’ve done. Dragons are the symbol of their house and power and now everyone will see that they aren’t invincible.
  • @sayso6119
    ok it's time for Daemon to start doing some war crimes stuff. enough of this hallucinating stuff
  • @xeronix9774
    aegon speaking broken valyrian had me wheezing
  • Also that scene of aegon and rhaenys bonding with there dragons was so cute but so heart breaking fiven what was about to happen. Aegons face lit up when sunfrye came over and pushed him with his nose and seeing rhaenys tell meleys there of to battle again, just amazing.
  • @Divine_Chareka
    Episode 4 was an emotional rollercoaster. While I enjoyed the battle scene, I was deeply saddened by the deaths of these two major characters, Rhaenys and Meleys. What a blow for Team Black.
  • No matter how many sides there are I always feel bad for the dragons dying 😭
  • Watching this preview, seeing the Greens drag Meleys’s severed head into the Red Keep as a war trophy, along with bringing Aegon back, is pulled EXACTLY like the pages in Fire&Blood!
  • @MeizrRoeni
    Meylys and Rhaenys's soul connection was demonstrated in the closing fighting scenes when they repeatedly looked at each other silently. Observing their emotional communication was just delightful.
  • @audreyryan8283
    Criston Cole finally realising the war might be more brutal then he realised
  • @PGHPulse
    Rest in Power to the Queen Who Never Was. What a valiant effort. She and Maelys gave everything they had.
  • Aegon is such a misunderstood character. Misunderstood even by himself. The way he mourned his son, the little nudge/hug sunfyre gave him amongst other scenes show you that deep down he is a gentle soul just looking to please those around him and mark a place for himself
  • @drenoughh
    The emotions were so strong, when the Meleys looked at the Rhaenys and they both knew it was over, I cried ... so sad