Watch out, there's a drop coming up! | Tib and Tumtum | 2 Hours Compilation | Cartoon for kids

Published 2023-12-01
Tib & Tumtum is an animation TV series for kids from 5 to 8 years old about the incredible friendship between a boy and a …dinosaur !

Having a dinosaur as your best friend?! Well that dream has become reality for Tib.
Every day, in the forest surrounding his village, our young hero runs off to play with Tumtum, a big dinosaur and probably the last of his species. With Tib, Tumtum becomes the most playful and harmless of animals. But Tumtum is unwelcome in the village and he is only tolerated if he stays in the forest. While defending his dinosaur friend, Tib also learns to fend for himself…

Action, adventure and comedy, pure kids entertainment but with substance.
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©GO-N Productions / 2018
Authors: Bannister & Grimaldi, Nicolas Chrétien
Director: Sandra Derval
Based on GRIMALDI and BANNISTER's books, first published by Editions Glénat in France
In coproduction with KIKA and HR for ARD; with the participation of TF1, PIWI+ and VRT; with the support of the CNC and MEDIA.

Music written by Fabien Nataf and Alain Mouysset
Published by Une Musique and GO-N Publishing