Dig Deeper Episode 69 - The Governor's Well Part III - The Final Story a 360 Video

Published 2024-04-18
Director of Archaeology Dave Givens, Senior Staff Archaeologists, Mary Anna R. Hartley and Sean Romo, and Staff Archaeologist Natalie Reid describe the excavations of the c. 1617 Well found at Historic Jamestowne. This discussion includes how the well was discovered, implementation of safety protocols (i.e., well ring), the artifacts recovered, and how the ongoing damage resulting from climate change at Jamestown, necessitated excavations as soon as possible.

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  • @HalsPals
    I recommend sealing up notes and pics in a watertight container and placing them at the bottom of the well for the centuries ahead before filling in. Who knows if what you've collected will survive for future generations?
  • I have been following your videos for quite some time now, and this takes the cake!! Not only was the filming fantastic, but the finds are amazing!! The bricks with the different marks in them are a marvelous find. Thank you for keeping us updated with these finds.
  • @jeanneclark99
    How cool that Dave found his dream spoon! Thanks for taking the time to film this for us.
  • @Sadlyabandkib
    Wait why is this really cool? (Btw we are learning about Jamestowne and our teacher told us to go here and this is a masterpiece)
  • Wow. I'll never get there, so this is the next best thing. Thank-you.
  • @user-bl6vb3vk5q
    I seen a dagger like that at the antique roadshow. It sold for over 300,000
  • @SearTrip
    360 view very appropriate for this setting. Thanks for the overview.
  • @maryg.249
    As I watched I kept coming up with questions to ask you , but within seconds you’d answer. So no questions this time, yet a big big thank you for posting this video. It had been a long time since the last one! Mary
  • I'm so glad this popped up on my feed. Recently I found out that one line in my family goes all the way back to this period, an English officer who married a Pamunkey/Powhatan woman. I consider the Tidewater Chesapeake Bay area to be my home, but I never realized that I had roots going back that far. It seems so remote. Now, I'm eager to learn whatever I can about this period. And, hope to get back to see some of this in person, soon. Thank you for sharing these discoveries.
    Man this would have been a fantastic video. If not for the 360 view. Thank you for all your hard work. But im not a fan of 360 view
  • @rd1084
    Tired of climate change coming into every video you make. Where Jamestown is located is an ever changing area. Between river movements, unstable ground, storms etc. the geography has changed over centuries. Just be archaeologists.
  • @skepticalbadger
    The image that appears when you say "exploded gun barrel" appears to be a halberd head.