The Heilwald Loophole

Published 2023-06-14

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  • @user-rp5or1ik5l
    It's kinda funny how Mark's understanding of "follow me" is to stand completely still, stare through his soul, then slowly back away
  • I HOPE HE CONTINUES TO PLAY IT. It is perfect for Mark, I already love it.
  • @trippletphi9700
    marks panic "WE-OOO"s were top notch despite the tension I was laughing way too hard
  • @aniondanion8211
    Ok so I played this game for myself…and it gets WAY MORE INTERESTING. You meet new characters and find new locations.

    All I can say is, damn, this place is WAY more messed up than you thought, Markiplier. I won’t say anything else, but YOU HAVE TO MAKE A PART 2 FOR THIS GAME!! Trust me, you won’t regret it
  • @hayakain
    Don't leave us hanging Mark, this is one of the best horror games I've seen you play in a loooong time
  • @dizzyingdays608
    I think this is the first time I've witnessed mark not immediately choosing hard mode
  • @DatSexyMew
    Honestly the way the game has everyone's text all jumbled gibberish except for when they're chasing you makes it all the more terrifying. Just suddenly hearing 'WHERE ARE YOU GOING' while everything else is just murmurs is so so well thought out.
  • @Brooke5294
    I was not expecting nurse Anne to kick down the door and it took me out lmao I hope Mark comes back to this one!
  • @cade_blade
    This is probably one of the best indie horror games I’ve seen in a while. Def want to see more of this!
  • @energydragon0612
    The most stressful part of this game, for me at least, is how the characters ramble without even pausing to take a breath. It makes everything feel so urgent and overwhelming.
  • @supergunta2584
    At 22:20. those banging footsteps behind Mark really gave me goosebumps, I love it,
  • @SrDuhn
    This game's character design is fantastic. The character's appearances are just weird and/or actually funny when you look at them during dialogue, but their sound effects make them so damn anxiety inducing. Like, Nurse Anne's movements and twitching and the whole thing of kicking doors open is hilarious, but I bet that when you're being chased she gets terrifying.
  • @Claymat1on
    That “wHeRe ArE yOu GoInG” makes me tense up and since you know he’s coming it’s just so intense 😂
  • @TheViewerxyz
    im sad he didnt pick this game up again. really enjoyed it
  • @dorkmckork3959
    I like it when you do lets plays of not-so-well-known games. Man I've been a diehard fan of Markiplier for 11 years. Your videos helped me through tough times in my life man, you really don't know how much you're loved by your fans. Your videos give some of us a chance to escape, kind of feels like watching a friend play a game, a familiar cheerful voice, a happy face, a friendly attitude. It gives people like me who have had to deal with family abuse my whole life a chance to feel something calming and soothing (even when you play horror games) its kind of soothing to put on these videos, gives me a chance to escape from arguments, fighting, abuse, gives me a chance to forget the fact that I have bone tumors and osteoporosis and a rod in my leg where it broke last year and cervical spinal stenosis in my neck, helps me think about something other than my spine bones closing around my spinal cord, and the fears of surgery. Gives me a chance to think about something else other than the cancer death of my parents and my crackhead abusive brother beating me and throwing me through windows and stealing my shit. Gives me a chance to think about something other than him having lung cancer and still feeling weird about being out of place in my own skin. When I watch your videos, I don't feel like a damn alien, or a stranger that gets yelled at who pays all the bills for an ingrate anymore. I feel like I'm a person again. I know that's a mouthful Mark, and probably mushy as hell. But I mean it dude, you give me something to look forward to other than my brother screaming at me and stealing all my shit all the time. Thank you Mark for spreading joy in this bleak world. I really, truly mean that from the bottom of my heart. I hope you keep doing let's plays for a long, long time. Brings me so much peace.
  • @Boomblox5896
    I am definitely interested in a full series of this. The mechanics seem really interesting as a stalker horror game where you don't die but instead are taken to different places when caught.
  • @Dropem7777
    I would love to watch a whole series on this.
  • @ponker.s3822
    I love how nurse anne just randomly combusts every 4 seconds with gushes and splatters of what i can only presume is flesh but seriously mark please finish this one i would love to see a series on this
  • @SouperWy
    The fact that Mark STILL remembers Presentable Liberty to this day is a testament to how good that game was.