We WASTED $20,000 on Custom Etsy Junk

Published 2023-05-21
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All Comments (21)
  • Sa M
    We need an episode where max and chad completely decorate a blank room
  • Cyranek
    warms my heart to see them supporting small origami businesses like this
  • Elijah Gothard
    Those puppets/dolls were legitimately well done, I hope Soykireina gets some more recognition from this
  • Jaymic
    I love the idea of a customs agent putting on a hazmat suit and respirator, going through the protocol for contain a suspicious biohazard, and opening the package to find thiccolas cage.
  • The human mask on the last guy was so realistic it creeped me out, and I hope that the owner of the shop for the kids plushies gets so many commissions cause her work is amazing.
  • Parker Graham
    As a painter myself I bet those artists were absolutely elated to finally get something interesting to paint instead od the hoard of family portraits and pet photos they probably get commissioned for all the time. Thanks for being a patron of the arts
  • Finn Cohen
    I love that they always act like it’s super stupid but then when they get quality items that are handmade they are always genuinely happy and respectful to the people that made them
  • oogabooga
    Whoever is editing these, you never cease to stress me out with the fake stabbings. Keep It up πŸ˜‚ 7:45
  • HAHAA!! NO WAY!!! i knew it was you guys!!!!
    thank you for buying my burrito boot, and 'FCA'
    i put those up as a joke. nobody was suppose to buy them!! thank you so much!!
    i love your videos!!!!! <3
  • Jack Poland
    Imagine in the future someone finding a time capsule full of items from the Cold Ones studio. 🀣
  • Charlotte
    I can’t believe Chad is not bothered that he ate breast milk soap, kissed a dead mouse and finished a drink with someone’s rotten tooth in the bottom of it, im only half way through the video aswell πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • Cerbirt
    Chad genuinely liking the mice taxidermy things is great
  • Egg Boy
    Max is always surprisingly good at art things. That drawing was actually pretty good
  • I think every episode somehow finds a way to make me cry laughing.
  • Superpinche
    I love you max and chad, thanks for existing!
  • W34RD07
    Give the mice's your names. There is a perfect amount of em. Max, Chad, Darcy, Scott, Rowie. So there you guys go! Keep em videos coming!
  • Atticus Grim
    I really like this show. It's got a character in it. He's an egg, he's got sunglasses on.
  • God bless the video editors. The random edits and sound effects they throw in always make me laugh out loud! πŸ˜‚