Egg Drop From Space

Published 2022-11-25
Next year we’re doing this on Mars. Ask for the CrunchLabs Build Box for Christmas and then let’s build some cool stuff together. Get the Holiday special two FREE boxes at…

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You can check out Joe’s video that goes into some more detail about the testing here-

Shout out to my friends at Night Crew Labs who did all the high altitude balloon work. You can hire them too! Learn more at:

Also thanks to these folks for providing some of the music in the video:

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All Comments (21)
  • Mark Rober
    This one was a wild ride. Now go get your dang Build Box in time for Christmas and let's make some cool stuff together.
  • TravisFabel
    I especially like the part where you finally realize you're trying to make a precision guided missile, and the acknowledgment that those who know.... Literally cannot help you.
    My specialty is firearms but I feel for the expert here. How many times has someone come to me with some “great idea” and then I go “that’s at least ten years in prison”
  • Parshav Shah
    Marks video here is a perfect example of "you don't lose, you learn"
  • I myself am in the space industry and I know personally what it’s like to fail, and I loved how you kept going even if you failed and persevered throughout the whole journey. Thanks for being an inspiration to all future engineers and current ones.
  • brewpipes
    When he said the guidance system on the first prototype failed because of "a single rogue negative sign in the code"..

    I felt that.
  • Miyano Kazuko
    This is really crazy. Mark, your friends are the coolest and you are the coolest guy in YouTube. It's an admirable feat y'all have done even if it's something you didn't expect to go along your way but the egg survived!
  • Franklin Egbuche
    I absolutely never heard of balloons being sent to space on daily basis around the world. Thanks
  • CMD 3
    Did you ever get a final number on the altitude of the drop? Because for the world record books, we need that
  • Thunder Above
    The true question is, did you make an omelet with the space eggs?
  • Jpcguy 89
    Did you or would it have been possible to hatch those eggs after launch? A true space chicken.
  • The Pengua
    I love all of the trial and error. It’s fantastic to see that everything doesn’t always go to plan.
  • Randy Rawding II
    There's no way to appreciate the time and effort required that goes into this. But nevertheless, when I see vids like this, especially from Mark, I'm completely glued to the screen and very grateful for all the work done and money well-spent. Thanks so much dude, to you and your team for your absolute TENACITY after crushing failures. You're such a blessing to the rest of us screen goons. LOVE THIS!
  • Leigh
    The precision guided missile part was the icing on the cake lol
  • Andrew Holman
    I am halfway through this and just amazed and grateful and inspired by Mark and his tenacity and the amazingly high quality of his content. This is the kind of stuff we should be watching and creating! Thank you Mark for your heart and your amazing channel!
  • jussttg
    I thought that for this "EGG drop task" you get limited materials as otherwise a guy who goes to space and comes back with and egg can be the simplest solution :D
  • Red Squirrel
    That was awesome. Also I had no idea they sent that many weather balloons up every day, I feel there has to be a better way, since that must generate a lot of pollution. That giant one you were using reminds me of the ones they launch here during the summer months, they have payloads the size of a small car, pretty impressive.
  • NetCanvas
    I WISHED they would have cracked the eggs to check what happened to the yolk.
  • Nikki
    I love you calling the expert:
    “Dude can you help us with this silly egg thing?”
    “Um you’re trying to make a guided missile so no”