Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN - Part 4

Published 2023-07-29

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  • @mariasol214
    It's funny to think that, while the other animatronics will chase after basically anything that moves, Roxy has it out specifically for Gregory
  • @rosalind9952
    The fact that there's graffiti THIS FAR into the pizzaplex means the FNAF universe has some of the most dedicated graffiti artists of all time
  • @gracerolling3015
    Roxy screaming “give me back my eyes!” Makes me so sad for her. Imagine wandering the pizzaplex for so long while it and you both fall into more and more disrepair, and completely blind. She probably misses her friends and maybe her blindness scares her.
  • @gamingpuppster
    My new favorite Markiplier quote, “I deactivated all the children”
  • @sarahjones2541
    Roxy letting cassie go just because she only wants gregory and her eyes is sadly wholesome
  • @izzypaws6353
    is it just me or whenever cassie gets jumpscared she always tries to stop the attack and defend herself more that gregory did lol
  • @beepk_
    Roxy immediately backing off and apologizing to Cassie once she realized she wasn’t chasing Gregory is genuinely the sweetest thing ever and funnier when you see how confused mark is
  • Mark using "Vogue" as a verb and then immediately being startled by the wall is the most iconic thing for me
  • The animatronics are looking for Gregory, who's not really human. So when Roxy realised she had grabbed Cassie, a real child, there's probably something in their coding to never harm the kids.
  • @EmoryHarper
    I find it hilarious that all the other animatronics chase without hesitation but Roxy has a personal vendetta against Gregory specifically
  • It's so weird seeing the animatronics showing a side that we don't get to see, where they actually care about the safety of the kids and are quite nice.
  • @swaggyjoe5327
    the fact that it took Matpat and Tom FOREVER to get past the mini music men, and Mark got passed them in like one shot😭😭
  • @swag_fish03
    I actually died of laughter because Cassie is one of the few horror characters to go "wow, maybe the police would help"
  • @ADragonPerhaps
    26:20 I love the little guys just saying "Hello! :)" as they walk towards Mark. Very good bois.
  • @Jordyn-hx4wp
    Mark finally being confused by the security network is amazing cause he still proceeds to say “for babies” 28:37
  • @Not_Eggs
    I love the fact that AR being used to make solid objects able to walked through and literally teleporting isn’t what convinced him something was up, but a plushie becoming the size of a child did.
  • @snailmail2000
    11 years later, Mark STILL looks back at the horror monsters
  • The first time in FNAF history where an animatronic actually listened to someone when they said "Let me go!" and apologized on top of it.😂