Evolution of Super Mario Movies & TV (and more!)

Published 2023-04-15
How have Super Mario movies and TV shows evolved over time?

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00:00 Intro
00:46 Super Mario Bros.: The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach! – Film (1986)
02:42 The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! - TV show (1989)
03:04 Amada Anime Series: Super Mario Bros. – Anime (1989)
03:46 Super Mario's Fire Brigade – Anime (1989)
04:14 Super Mario-kun – Comics (1990 – present)
04:50 The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 - TV show (1990)
05:36 The Super Mario Challenge - TV show (1990-91)
05:58 Super Mario World: Mario & Yoshi's Adventure Land – Anime (1991)
06:32 Super Mario World – TV show (1991-92)
07:19 Super Mario Adventures – Comics (1992)
07:42 Super Mario Bros. – Film (1993)
10:33 Super Mario Merchandise
11:18 Super Mario Advance - Gamebook (2001)
11:42 Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary - Event (2020)
12:27 Super Nintendo World – Theme Parks
13:51 The Super Mario Bros. Movie – Film (2023)

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  • @Flatlife
    The Super Mario Movies has just become the biggest video game adaptation of all time, passing $500 million globally! I'm sure this will inspire many more movies to be made based on video games!
  • @UthyLfc
    It’s Amazing to see how much tech has evolved for Mario, from a flipping game boy to a Nintendo switch. It just makes you think how fast times have gone.
  • Thank You FLATLIFE for releasing The FINAL Episode of The Evolution of Mario. WE LOVE YOU!!!😍👍🏼
  • @snwath
    5 hours ago I was questioning that the last part was realised when it aired like 5 days before but now I’m so surprised that they released it just today what a coincidence 😂
  • @gabbyl._diaz
    I would love to see a Luigis mansion movie. As someone who grew up with Super Mario games and tv shows it's so fascinating seeing how the new generations does with something so valuable. I just watched the movie and I was impressed with all the details being able to feel nostalgic and joy from the film was just amazing bringing a video game to life is so cool.
  • @real-oz7wh
    this is so underrated yet better than most popular youtubers, W you flatlife, watching since you made the game graphics video
  • @TheEditsLord
    Super Mario- A game that transcends generations and is still wildly popular today. From its creation in 1985, Super Mario has become a staple across the gaming industry, setting a bar that is still unmatched by its competitors. There are several reasons why Super Mario is so good, ranging from its simplicity to its overall design.

    The first reason why Super Mario is so good is that it is easy to pick up but difficult to master. The game is appealing to a wide range of players, whether it is someone who is new to gaming or a seasoned veteran. The simple gameplay mechanics allow the player to gain an understanding quickly, but the game's complexities make sure that it provides a challenge for even the most dedicated players. The game has a learning curve that allows players to progress steadily, thus helping the players from falling off the game.

    Another reason why Super Mario is so good is its fluid gameplay. The game's mechanics are tight, making it a very responsive game to play. The game is riddled with secrets, and each level offers new challenges, thereby keeping the player engaged. Moreover, the game is intuitive in teaching through its gameplay. It offers a tutorial without any holding back of the player, thereby allowing the player to grow with the game.

    The third reason why Super Mario is so good is its attention to detail. The characters, the power-ups, the enemies, and the overall design of the game come together beautifully to give players an immersive experience. The game boasts a beautiful world that is rich with content and stories. This design element has been consistently done over the years, making them an instantly recognizable brand.

    The fourth reason why Super Mario is so good is its music. The tunes present in the game are catchy and memorable, elevating the game's experience to another level. The music is designed in such a way that it is representative of the game's mood and design, thereby making it quintessential in its design.

    In concluding, Super Mario is an unbeatable game that has design elements that stood the test of time. Its intuitive gameplay, attention to detail, easy to pick up and difficult to master, and its music are all aspects that contribute to its success. These reasons, among others, make Super Mario a game that people come back to again and again, making it one of the most iconic games in the gaming industry.
  • I’m so excited to see The Super Mario Bros Movie! I’m going to watch it soon! This was an amazing video and it’s amazing to see how Mario has evolved from television to film adaptations. We’ve come a long way!
  • @hesabehtiaty681
    I Have watched mario and sonic series and i waited for every episode to be uploaded you have done a real food job keeb it on 🔥
  • @mgamer188
    I LOVE Mario so thank you FlatLife for doing this!❤
  • Flatlife, this was an extremely nice Mario video, so you've done an absolutely awesome job! I'm well into Mario and it is one of my favorite video game franchises! But can you please do an evolution on Kingdom Hearts next? It is time you show the cooperation between Square Enix and Disney!
  • @niceyredzy5556
    This is your 100th video! Congratulations! 😊

    Mario Movie Cast Main Characters:
    Chris Pratt……………………………Mario
    Anya Taylor-Joy……………………Princess Peach
    Charlie Day…………………………..Luigi
    Jack Black…………………………….Bowser
    Keegan-Michael Key……………..Toad
    Seth Rogen…………………………..Donkey Kong
    Kevin Michael Richardson……..Kamek

    Fact: Jack Black is the person who played: Zeke in Ice Age (2002), Dewey Fin in School of Rock (2003), Po in Kung Fu Panda (2008, 2011, 2016), R.L. Stine in Goosebumps (2015, 2018), Shelly Oberon in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level, and many more!
  • @CanadianDude
    I remember sitting at Charles Martinet's panel here a while back and someone asked about the 1993 Mario Bros. movie and even he doesn't want to admit it exists. It was hilarious.
  • @MochaFrap4
    It’s crazy on how far Mario went, I been a fan of the Mario games since I was 3 and now I’m 14 and turning 15 this year, and I still have my childhood Mario plush, and I will be playing Mario games for the rest of my life!
  • When "The Super Mario Bros. Movie" was announced by Shigeru Miyamoto aka the creator of the game Mario in 2021, me for being Mario fans immediately hyped up because Nintendo rarely collaborated with animation studios for a long time after the failure of 1993 live action film, but I felt a bit sad for Pratt because he received various backlashes and this incident pushes me for want to support and give Pratt a very large chance

    I'm giving this film a rating 10 / 10 for Nintendo and Illumination's best collaboration and everything in The Super Mario Bros. Movie had a loyalty to the original source in game 😊
  • @Saxofome
    I remember you where 50K subs. You have been exceeding your goal for a year now, What a Milestone. :)
  • @tinaansah2349
    I watched the super Mario movie a while ago and I LOVED it!
  • @W.G1
    100th video well done!