Trying Clothing LIFE HACKS to see if they work!

Published 2019-09-14

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  • SSSniperWolf
    sorry for the late upload had internet issues! I also uploaded transforming into the ultimate vsco girl on my second channel (little lia) earlier :D HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND
  • Charlie
    Everything looks good on her no matter what 😂
  • Here's a REAL challenge, Lia. I dare you to wear at least 5 different "clothing life hacks" out in public or in your videos.
  • Airie Leva
    It's actually really easy to put the drawstring back in, you just have to use a safety pin. If you attach it to one side of the string, it's easier to move through the fabric.
  • To put the string back into sweat pants, probably the same for a hoodie: take a safety pin and put the pin thru one end of the string - then thread the pin thru the top seam of the pants inch by inch feeling the pin thread where the string came out, until the pin exits the other side - thus you have now re-thread the string - with a safety pin.
  • thousandcello
    I like how she keeps looking at the microwave instead of a mirror to see her own reflection🤣
  • MandG
    Let’s just take a moment to remind ourselves how much she puts into these videos
  • Arace Gomez
    I love how a lot of the other youtubers I've seen do this failed but sniperwolf makes it work so good!! Everything looks so pretty on her xD
  • Ted Nail
    She would look good in anything, she’s such a beauty
  • little tip when putting the strings back into your hoodie:
    take a pen with a little thing that hooks onto pockets and put the string under it then tape the lace to the cap and guide the pen through the hole and back out the other one i’m sorry i suck at explaining but it works 👏
  • nina nguyen
    bruh she looks great no matter what she wears
  • My mom taught me to use a safety pin to get the drawstring back in. Just attach the safety pin to one end of the string and work it thru to the other end, it's easier to grasp the pin than the fabric of the string, through the fabric of the item of clothing. I've actually done it and it works. (Probably easier if I made a video demo, but it's just too much work rn, maybe one day).
  • Aleena Shafeeq
    U know, when I am very sad, she is the one that enlightens my mood.
  • Grace
    As a black person we always put tights on (from England ) our hair to preserve the style so it doesn't be rough in the morning so that last hack works if tied properly
  • Anne Julie
    I like the way she said "wow" 😂 she is super funny 😄 😂
  • This was so interesting! I want to try some of these now. I think the plaid shirt DIY is the one that turned out the best! (I don't have a button-up shirt like that, though...I'd have to go find one at Goodwill or something. Not sure it's worth my time, but some of these are pretty cool!) I have a couple long scarves; maybe I should try to turn them into a shirt or a dress!
  • Jan Campbell
    I like how she just names every single one of them
  • IttoOneChance
    this should be called "trying out hacks that take longer than they should" 😂