pre debut NI-KI dancing to 'MOVE' by TAEMIN

Published 2021-01-20

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  • @swan98
    'NISHIMURA RIKI' (NI-KI) from #ENHYPEN Born December 9th 2005
    🔸He was part of 'SHINee KIDS' at 'SWC 2017 Tour FIVE'. Basically he was SHINee backup dancer along with other kids. The director & choreographer of those concerts was RINO NAKASONE. She is a famous dancer who has been working with SHINee ever since their debut. She is the choreographer of 'REPLAY' and many, many other iconic Kpop choreos! (you can search her name on Google)

    🔸He has been interested in dance since he was 3 years old.

    🔸KENTO MORI was his dance mentor. NI-KI was chosen out of hundred of kids in an audition in 2014. Kento Mori was a backup dancer for major artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Chris Brown, Ne-Yo and Usher.

    🔸NI-KI's a Michael Jackson fan and he impersonated him during his childhood, under the pseudonym of 'Riki Jackson'.

    🔸His parents run a dance studio in Japan. He even had his own Dance Workshop at the age of 12/13

    🔸 RIKIMARU CHIKADA was his dance mentor as well. He has choreographed for BOA, SHINee, and Red Velvet. NI-KI was featured on his official YouTube channel too. Rikimaru has also been to South Korea’s #1 dance studio (1MILLION) and he actually guest teaches classes over there quite often.

    🔸During I-LAND, NI-KI, was praised by BTS J-HOPE (out of all participants), SEVENTEEN THE8, BANG PD, the main choreographer of I-LAND, RAIN and ZICO.
  • @dianazerino
    i can't believe he was 12 when this song was released, i feel so old
  • @maide_02
    You can see on his face how much he enjoys every single move. Dancing is basically his passion and life. Perhaps he wouldn't even be able to live without it.
    Also, you can see him singing along in korean. Cute and impressive
  • @danni8711
    ni-ki being a professional dancer at 12 and there’s me at 12 who’s just watching kpop idols and crying about how untalented i am
  • @yooyooina5643
    cannot believe someone would dislike this. IT'S.JUST.A.INNOCENT.12.YEAR.OLD.DANCING
  • @yani8983
    Like imagine if Ni-Ki did this now, he has improved A LOT also his facial expressions... that would be killing the DEATH OF ENGENE
  • @marreisma1239
    At 11??!! Thats crazy what a amazing danser. Get it ni-ki!!!
  • He looks like he wasn't taking this seriously but it was still so good his control is amazing😭
  • @liaetika2172
    I'm shawol and I'm proud of Ni-ki. He was the best cover for Move by Taemin. No doubt that he's really true Shinee fan.
  • @vivian364
    the way niki dances is as if he's been doing it all his life & that's shows how talented he is
  • @chxchochip1741
    he is alllll over my recommend i dont even stan enhypen✋ is this a sign
  • @bwingsu
    Ni-ki is a literal dance prodigy.
  • @susie2738
    i was really emotional when he started dancing this on his last solo dance jam live... it's so scary how fast he's growing
  • @ar-ts8tw
  • @Marie-tq4cg
    He is too cute. Taemin's dances are hard. Ni-ki dances so well and we can see he is happy.
    I'm just blown away... He did that at the age of 12?!! There's no way that he's not gonna be mention as one of the best dancer of kpop industry in future. I belive in Ni-ki's supremacy. 🛐
  • This is what I love about his dance he’s just so fluid and just moves so smooth makes it look so effortless that’s what I love about his dance.