Special Taping & Astrology | Ep 305 | Lady Journey Podcast

Published 2023-12-04

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  • @deecee3138
    Your take on football had me crying laughing!! It IS just shapes running!
  • An amazing day for me is riding me bicycle alongside the river in the sunshine (even in winter) with some clouds from past showers slowly floating by 🌞
  • @lisaallaway6454
    Bring on all the astrology and witchy things! I've really been liking the Dark Days tarot deck it's square and all 4 sides have meaning 🎉 🔮 so much love for you 2!
  • @qurkle9109
    I'd be embarrassed to write this comment on the chance you lovely ladies will read it. But, I love your perspective and comedy. Very much appreciated. Keep up the great pod!
  • @Tape_Recorder
    Hi. I’d like to share two things I’ve learned about these topics. One is that one’s ego is a collection of FALSE mind-made images of oneself. Because those images are false is why the ego is not our amigo. For instance, a dude driving goes into road rage because he was just cut off in traffic. He allows himself to go into rage because he has an image of himself being someone that doesn’t get cut off in traffic. However, that image he has of himself is false. He was cut off. He is someone that gets cut off in traffic. What the rager doesn’t realize is that no matter what he does after being cut off in traffic doesn’t change the fact that he is someone that gets cut off in traffic. I forget the other thing I learned. One is good enough. Lady Journey!
  • @jerrilehane7815
    keep number handy 516 Tony Walker 465 Governors club,so you can do filming 1hr away Levittown 39 and his daily pods cover comedy 90 .So this place is friendly,and Tony is gold.
  • @jerrilehane7815
    I must be in a time warp...am I missing your Nov Special? Editing ???
  • @jerrilehane7815
    Sandwich shops throw out day old bread regularly,so figure it out....how I eat bread free.
  • @jerrilehane7815
    Thanks for the dedication but honestly I'm not hung like the Lady Journey SHARPIE....Irish,not Italian.
  • @jerrilehane7815
    I found People on Mars 2004,designed Mars rovers 1987.see pics Jerry Lehane Mars 6 inches to 5 ft tall ,light clothes,no masks,no spacesuits,tons of animals,underground cities,advanced alien tech.