Learn What's Worth Fighting For with Rick Warren

Published 2016-01-05
There are many battles you may face this year. Some may be hard-fought, stressful, and intense; others may be small and easy to win. Either way, you will have to choose which battles you are going to fight. Nothing is handed to you for free with the exception of salvation. If you want to come out on top in 2016, you’re going to have to work for it. Pastor Rick shares his wisdom on how to discern which battles matter in your life and how to tackle them. You will learn about the three major battles you’ll face and the secret weapons you have to help you win.

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  • Joshua Petersen
    Did anyone else just find this dude outta nowhere? I did and he's changed my life
  • Hannah Bush
    Rick Warren says more beautiful, poignant things about God and the Bible in one hour than I've heard from hundreds of sermons and self-help books over the years. God bless you, Pastor Warren.
  • James Peters
    Best pastor on the feeking planet, without doubt! The Supreme speaks through Rick big time. ...This dude chills me out, and gives massive spiritual education. Brings tears to my eyes. Luv Pastor Rick.
  • Sandra Selana
    I can't believe that I found Pastor Rick Warren at a hospice book and I am being spiritually anchored by his old sermons in May 2021. I am grateful to God
  • ginny0719
    Just think how much more I would be if this pastor had been in my life in my 20's!!!! Wow! Now I'm binging my brains out and crying rivers of tears....oh cleanse me Lord!
  • Catherine Shane
    Dear my brothers and sisters in faith,

    May you please pray for me to have the courage to do what is right rather than easy. To hear God's Word instead of the devil's. May you pray for me to continue to have strength to keep pushing forward and keep the faith in God. In Jesus name I pray amen
  • Irisol Irisol
    My boyfriend used to be a man of God. Sadly his relationship with God has fallen apart. He cant stop drinking and thats the reason I had to end our relatiinship after 9 years. I still love him but I realized I cant do anything to change his problem. I have pray many times, I still do but I havent heard from God yet. So, I wish that if any of you who had take the time to read this, please also pray for him. He is a good guy with a good heart
    Thank you in advance
  • "If nothing makes you angry, you don't love anything except yourself." Makes sense. And yes, I have picked fights before. Lately, I've been engaging in freelance apologetics, in fact. And I totally agree. If you can't think of anything worth fighting for, you aren't truly living. I don't like conflict, and would rather turn the other cheek or even act a little bit like a pushover, but make no mistake: God has made me a born fighter. I've always had issues with my temper if the wrong button gets pushed, and I know I could really hurt someone if I wanted to bad enough, and naturally I really don't like that about myself (in addition to being wrong to lash out at someone just because you're ticked, it reminds me too much of the old me, before God got a hold of me), so I do my best to hide that side of me, and tend to over-apologize if anything afterwards. Still, I can be pretty passionate when defending God, His word, and my siblings in Christ, precisely because I care so much. Praise God that He is teaching me to be patient and forgiving more and more each day.

    Also, I should point out attacking with a shield, while uncommon, isn't limited to Captain America (he's just the only guy that throws one in battle, which is not exactly a smart or safe tactic). Some shields in history even have blades or other weapons attached to them.
  • Paul Dill
    Thanks Pastor Rick for sharing God's love! Always powerful. You helped save my soul and I am indebted gratefully to the gift, talent that continues to nourish my soul. Your wisdom instructs and provides a way 4 Jesus Christ to mold me and be a blessing in the salvation of others lives. Thanks again and I love you from the bottom of my saved heart ♥!
  • Tina Moore
    I’m so tired of fighting for myself. I’m so tired of putting up a shield and having no one fight for me. I’m so tired of my husband not defending me. I’m just tired. I needed to hear this message so badly. Lord, I need you to love my heart. I love you and trust you and believe with all my heart in you. Amen.
  • Alison Smith
    pastor rick hits another home run! amen!! thank you, Lord for Pastor Rick and Saddleback and Daily Hope.
  • Amen !.thank you Pastor for the beautiful message . God Bless you,your family,and your ministry.
  • If I could “love” a message this would be it! So transformational for your life.
  • csanchez999
    Please pray for me and my marriage and my beautiful godly wife shes always been with me and haven't left my side 🙏 that I will find my way back to God and back home

    Thank you