InsideLAFD: Episode 1 Air Operations

Published 2018-05-18
There is so much that happens "behind the scenes" and we want to share ALL the hard work of #YourLAFD so we hope you'll come with us #InsideLAFD. For our first episode, we head out to Van Nuys for an in-depth look at LAFD Air Operations.

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  • Stephen Arnett
    I've seen you guys running code 3 but never in action I grew up just south of Los Angeles in Orange County regardless of where I grew up I still enjoy watching you guys in action keep up the great work
  • Frank Borden
    Excellent video!! Hope you have more in the future, i.e. Fireboats, Haz Mat, US&R, Swift Water, CERT to name a few.
  • Great video, LAFD! I would love to see a video, on the HazMat squads, roles, etc.
  • That was awesome! I've seen Fire 5 in use tackling a brush fire in Burbank before, amazing skill to be able to fly so close and low to a burning hill-side to then drop water - just a few feet from homes as well.
    The film, San Andreas, actually featured actors playing the part of LAFD Air Ops, and started off with a hoist rescue. So awesome!
  • J
    Awesome video!!! Very cool how you hire pilots with prior LAFD experience.
  • Sam T
    This is a cool video , nice job guys.
  • Craig DeRoss
    Nice Video overall, but maybe for a future video maybe more around the ground ops portion would be cool. So why did LAFD decide to go with the Agusta and not the FireHawks like the County uses?
  • CR505
    Flew goggles on UH-60’s (crew chief) in the Army. What’s it like flying goggles on a fire? Sounds pretty wild. How do the goggles handle the fires?

    Looks like an awesome outfit, gives me the burn to get back into Rotary Winged maintenance.
  • Goran Miletic
    In what vehicles do you guys patrol? Can we have a video of a regular day of an LAFD member?
  • Michael
    Let's see the crash rigs at Van Nuys and LAX!!
  • thatzombieplace
    You guys should do what the dude over at Miami police does. Lafd vlogs would be awesome.
  • Anthony Montes
    Oh man this job looks badass. I wonder if the LAFD hires Rescue Scuba Divers (I’m certified as one).
  • EHZ
    I want to get into this type of work but I don’t know where to begin