'The Vanishing Act' How Sherri Papini faked her own kidnapping | Nightline

Published 2022-10-01
For years Sherri Papini claimed she was kidnapped and abused by two Latina women, but investigators pieced enough clues to determine her story was a ruse she concocted.




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  • @nicholewhite4067
    I feel bad for the real victims that are missing and never found 😔
  • @amandanegrete1306
    My heart goes out to her husband and kids.

    Not to mention all the Latinas SP endangered with false allegations
  • @katwashere194
    It’s always great when a narcissistic pathological liar gets caught in their lies. It was great to watch a recording of the interrogation and how she kept on lying with all the evidence in front of her.
  • @jesswinter
    As an intern therapist, I am SO curious to hear what she told the therapist. Was she honest? Did she lie to them too? Could they tell at all? If it doesn’t put her life or someone else’s life in direct danger then they can’t tell anyone what she said. Unless it is court ordered. So interesting!
  • @marccarganilla6159
    Imagine the resources and time wasted on looking for her when there were people who were actually missing that could have used the media attention and effort
  • @meliko7824
    This woman watched the 2014 American film "Gone Girl" and played it out in real life. Incredibly similar circumstances, sequence of events, media coverage and outcome.
  • @frostheart88
    It’s disgusting how she did all of this just for attention. And the fact that she was only sentenced for 18 months is not enough, she needs way more time for duping everyone for the past 5 years.
  • @kathleenryan1371
    Can you imagine if someone had been arrested for abducting her?
  • @InTheNameOfLife1
    I feel so bad for the husband and kids. What a vile woman to put them through so much stress and anguish. She needs to be kept out of the general public until she gets intensive help.
  • @mj9689
    Her poor husband. He’s been through Hell and has to bring up his kids with them having gone through this trauma too. He’s been incredible and I’m definitely hoping he knows how much people are rooting for him.
  • @ashbash635
    Sherri said in her police interview over and over that she would NEVER leave her children, but she did. When police let her know they found the house and the pictures they were showing her, that she claimed she didn’t recognize were taken from the rooms where she was kept. She tries to mislead detectives. Well she asks to speak with her husband and she keeps saying “I don’t want them to find her.” “I don’t want her arrested” And when her husband asks why she says “because she’s the reason I get to hug my children every day”. She’s disgusting. She uses her children constantly as an excuse for not speaking to police, as a reason why she wouldn’t run away, and uses them as a reason not to press charges on the younger Hispanic woman that let her go. It’s all because of how much she loves her children. Even though she let them go through hell when they thought their mommy was missing. I read a 55 page criminal complaint which is available online and it lays out in detail all her lies. She actually called up an ex boyfriend and had him pick her up, she went to his house and stayed there for 22 days. James Reyes. He said he never made her do anything, that he gave her his bedroom and he slept on the couch. When they would eat Sherri would only eat a little bit. She started losing weight. He said she wanted him to hit her but he wouldn’t do it. So she would hit herself using a puck machine. He did help with the brand and even got the tools she asked for. He never questioned anything. He also saw her cut her hair and she asked him for cleaning supplies and she which he got that she would put on her skin to cause rashes. He did everything she asked and expected nothing in return. He had no idea she had laid out the kidnap plan in advance. She happily blames him in the police interview and when police tell her he was the person she was staying with voluntarily she just denied it over and over. He thought he was helping a friend who had an abusive husband. He was duped, Keith was duped and the whole community was duped. She stole over 30k from a victim services fund, 49k from a go fund me set up for the family to find her. She’s disgusting. Steals the money. Lies about being kidnapped and uses her children as scapegoats.
  • @bobbicatt
    W0W, Can’t imagine all the people that were affected by her lies, the Latino community, her family, the police , all the searchers , the medical staff, not to mention all the people she triggered who have real missing loved ones. she’s like the original Amber Heard. How people can destroy others with their lies is beyond me.
  • @KFiya
    All I wanna know is, wtf was she trying to get out of this? It’s a slap in the face to REAL victims. She’s a weirdo
  • @sagatuppercut2960
    Dear social media companies: please do not let Sherri cash in on this despicable incident.
  • @soniarican6275
    She could’ve literally got an innocent person arrested and put in jail Possibly for life with that sketch she gave of what the suspect supposedly looked like, My heart truly goes out to the husband and his children 😒😢

    Does anybody know if he believes she’s innocent or does he now believe she’s guilty ?….

    Edit: My Question Has Been Answered , Thank You All Who Did 🙏🏽❤️
  • @MikeJohnson-rm9eo
    So my family lives around that area and we are Hispanic and my sisters where absolutely terrified! They didn’t want to go outside, to the store NOTHING- we where terrified that we would get snatched up by police and forced to confess!!Where is OUR financial support from the PTSD that she caused us!?! Idk why she needed to lie, but she put ALL HISPANICS at risk!
  • @Synthpea
    This woman also made very racist posts on white supremacy websites but I like how they just casually leave that out. Her making her captors hispanic women the women that played that “annoying Mexican music” (her words). This wasn’t just her wanting to have an affair this was racially motivated as well.
  • @ScoobyDoozy
    Her smile in photos is reminiscent of Jodi Arias. A skill I’m learning is emotional self-honesty. Without analysing with thought, just asking myself “How does this person/situation/what they’re communicating make me feel, what is instinctive in my body?”. Our bodies are much wiser than we are.
  • @Coast2Coast88
    I’ve had a traumatizing childhood and I won’t pretend to know what Sherri has endured to end up staging her own kidnapping but as someone who suffered through trauma, no matter how bad my life ever was or has been or potentially could be..my children are my life line, they are my world. The fact that she left those children at a daycare or even just wondering where their mom was all this time, is something I just cannot wrap my head around. You have to really be far off the deep end to consider putting your children through such a traumatic event. I’ve had a terrible childhood and I’ve used my past to ENSURE my children grow up safe and loved. You have power to control your future even if you’ve had a sad past! The fact that she chose to continue the trauma and disregard her children is just so upsetting. She had the power to turn her life around and face her past and say ENOUGH, I’m going to make sure I provide a normal and healthy life for my children and myself, despite my upbringing. To see how she failed at this is heartbreaking. Let it be a lesson to everyone, please seek help for yourself or others who seem like they are not well mentally. Seeking help is not a sign of weakness.
  • @kimfam4462
    I believe she wanted to leave her family behind but had no real plan so went to the ex boyfriend place. After a while, she wanted to return. So she faked an abduction as everyone was looking for her and her husband would divorce her if he knew she just left them behind and stayed with her ex.
    Very immature behaviour and kinda crazy!