Inside The Most Expensive Neighborhoods of Singapore | Insider Business

Published 2023-03-26
Good Class Bungalows are the most prestigious and expensive homes in Singapore. GCBs even inspired homes in the movie "Crazy Rich Asians." Today, their prices are soaring as the island's ultrarich are fighting to get one. And there are all kinds of building rules owners have to follow once they get a GCB.

We tour two Good Class Bungalows with Julian Yip, managing director of Realstar Premier Group, and Billionaire's Row with YouTuber Si Ling to see how these rising prices could affect the rest of the island's residents.

Check out more from Si Ling on her YouTube channel Red Potato Singapore:
Thanks to JNA Real Estate for the footage:

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Inside The Most Expensive Neighborhoods of Singapore | Insider Business

All Comments (21)
  • @n4rae40
    “Im just an asian. i dont have the crazy and rich part” she’s so real for this
  • I used to live on Nassim Road and being one of the few malays living on that road - the police stopped me on a few different occasions to check my ID to confirm that I actually lived on Nassim Road. Racism still present in Singapore.
  • @bozanimal5576
    If TV has taught me anything, it's that someone is going to die when that chandelier falls.
  • @ETS186
    Long time ago my Sporean college buddy told me "in Singapore, if you say your family owns a house, that means they're really rich. Or probably old money." You can have a Ferrari while still living in a government apartment.
  • the problem with GCB's is that for the price, you get "very little". look at what places like Malibu, BH and Hollywood offer. GCB's are more of a status symbol and accolade than an actual luxury home. no GCB in Singapore has an actual "view" and the only reason why amenities are plentiful and convenient is because the country is small so everything in within reach very easily even for big homes in Sentosa, the "scenery" if any at all is really not in the same class as what one may find in Newport Beach, Pacific Palisades, Hamptons, Sydney or Cote De Azure etc. let's be real, GCB's are a store of wealth to pass on to the next generation, not an actual home for "luxury living". visit them, compare and you'll unfortunately see the stark difference and lack of standards in comparison
  • It makes sense that the prices are ballooning up. Land there is like a rare, exotic delicacy.
  • @kgandrala
    Its crazy how little your dollar goes in sg. I lived there from 2012-2015 as a kid and my family stayed at 3 different condominiums in our time there. The rent was ridiculous and I knew only one person who actually owned an apartment and if I recall, they spent nearly 2 million on a 2 bedroom groundfloor apartment. It was crazy
  • @bf842903
    Watching the most expensive homes in Singapore while sleep on the same ikea bed for the helpers at 9:03
  • @salvatoreIII
    Thanks for bringing the idea of wet vs dry kitchens to my attention. Very interesting
  • @Alfredwijaya1
    I remember back when I was in Junior high, my parents never stay at hotel n always at their apartment n it wasn’t beautiful n I always complained that the room isn’t beautiful n right now I am grateful that nowadays, it’s very difficult to purchase property in SG, very expensive n luckily we managed get renovated
  • @goldfries
    The only GCB we have in Malaysia is the item on MCD menu.
  • Rising prices in Singapore seems to defy the global trend however it is for very good reasons. Small island with high ownership % and most people stay in the houses they own. Of course there are other factors but it does stand out as a unique example compared to US and EU. As for GCBs, it largely doesn't matter to most Singaporeans :)
  • If the owners of these GCBs are actually living in them for most of the year, Singapore has one up on many Western countries where uber-rich Asians have bought mansions purely as investments. Suburbs like Potts Point in Sydney have reached the ridiculous stage we normally associate with Bel Air or Manhattan - words like 'prestige' matter far more than the objective value of the property.
  • @sps6
    One of my friend overseas once told me roads are paved with gold on Nassim road…yes I did look at pavement when passing by
  • @imranbecks
    The whole of Singapore is basically an expensive neighbourhood. All the prices of the HDB flats cost like luxurious mansions and penthouses!
  • @rich1228
    The price of Singapore GCBs can double or even triple in price, but there is no effect on the rest of Singaporeans. Its like asking the price of private jets or super yachts increasing by 50% and the effects in the average Singaporeans.
  • @blacklavoux
    Architecture wise, these so called ‘expensive’ homes are just large homes that looked outdated. U can tell the owner build this some time ago, because house that looks like this with that price is just not worth it.