Wild Ride GOES WRONG!! Man INJURED at Haulover Inlet | Boat Zone

Published 2023-03-19
Haulover Inlet in Florida is a popular spot for experienced boaters seeking a thrill. Known for its challenging conditions and strong currents, the inlet connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Intracoastal Waterway and is famous for its rough waves and strong winds, which can make boating hazardous. Despite the risks, many boaters are drawn to the inlet's challenging conditions and the opportunity to navigate through it.
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All Comments (18)
  • @BroJerHWG
    Hope that guy is ok...doesnt look good though😮
  • @sandy030359
    A lot of these people driving these boats are ignorant. No life jackets for kids and let’s them ride on the front of the boat. No wonder they bounce around like rag dolls.
  • @timh647
    Love the Grand Banks! Thanks for including one for us trawler guys.
  • As a pilot I love watching the people getting aff'd hard. Put on jacket bro in that kinda seas. Clear Air Turbulence comes when least expected.
  • @Anni3sgotagun
    We wanna hear that engine noise while drone is overhead
  • I use Haulover videos as examples to The Minister of Finance that we need to go with a longer boat. He wants to start small. Of course, then we see these minuscule Boston Whalers traversing the inlet with as much aplomb as some of the actual yachts which withers my argument. Guess it's in the captaining.
  • @Kda2456
    My Older bother used to do this intentionally to me and then laugh manically ! I guess that's what Older Brother are for.
  • @billmeyer4773
    We are in a boat and I promise you that you will not get wet
  • @eldorado1244
    Captain of the BlackWater boat if you love your kids put them in life jackets
  • @californigirl
    Two dudes in a 10 foot BW transit better than a hocky puck in a 100k slick spot.
  • @tsimpson007
    Kids should have life jackets period. You sit on the bow it will hurt. Life lesson.
  • why dont any of the boat channels identify the make of (most of) the police boats as contenders? i mean its super mega obvious theyre police but why not just say its a contender as well? im sure the other ones with rubber all around the gunwales have a make/model as well
  • @willtell7023
    Solaris must he a cheap boat for the anchor light to break off. Time for a refund.