Gucci Mane - Letter to Takeoff [Official Music Video]

Published 2022-11-15
Gucci Mane - Letter to Takeoff
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All Comments (21)
  • @nameinkorean
    Gucci is such a legend. This song is bittersweet to hear from all the losses of incredible musicians but as a fan, it means a lot to hear what he has to say.
  • @808slimepapii
    This Gucci tribute to the late rappers will always be remembered 🕊️
  • @kisbob5254
    This is the solidarity that we need in the entire rap game. Not worthless beefs and worthless bloodshed over a stripper and fake jewelry
  • @katarratube
    Man...the vulnerability, the realness, the truth of our collective pain. All respect Gucci. ♥️ Rest in Peace TakeOff. 🥺😭
  • @kikicouture10
    This is a beautiful song, I heard it on pandora first and had to come here to find it to show love. Gucci mane is a great person for this tribute.
  • @avajames2423
    This is a beautiful song,
    Gucci Mane absolutely nailed it on this track, no doubt about it! That banger right here got me hyped like crazy, bangaa! I ain't even trippin' if Gucci Mane used authentic v i e w s to get that mad exposure and get the ball rollin'. Truth is, plenty of other artists be doin' the same thing, Keep slayin' those beats!
  • @Rufuary
    Gucci has really grew beyond rap. He’s on some wise mature adult s**t now. I’m proud of him not only as an artist but also as an individual. RIP TAKEOFF!!! 🛫
  • @wynnebacon4762
    People dont realize how much real takeoff fans missed him.real fans loved him when he was alive fake ones loved him when he died
  • @Amber-lm7zs
    Beautiful tribute Gucci , my condolences to Takeoff's family and all of the Migos squad. So much talent taken way too soon RIP TAKEOFF
  • Gucci's Journey is incredibly amazing, he's an artisan of the rap game, perfecting his own style. With his tributes, holiday music, and his life story.This man murdered two of Young Jeezy's boys in self defense from an attempted robbery. Being the Trap God, Gucci would diss the people he killed, but with this he matured and realized that people do truly look up to him. Upon that recognition, Guwop then started teaching that you can't be disrespectful, or diss the dead, and set an example and people followed. I am so proud of this man's accomplishments. From Wilt Chamberlain the mixtape (2008) until today (2022) I have been listening to his music. His lyrical skills, his aura/image everything has matured into the Success story he has become. Not to mention he got married October 2017 ( 10/17 ). Thats the kind of history you can't repeat. Truly One-Of-A-Kind. Thank You BIG Gucc.
  • @iamv24
    Huge respect for Gucci, rest easy take off.
  • @BIGGGUAP-jd4nt
    Привет из России, бесконечно уважаем тебя, брат. Очень грустный и качественный текст
  • Crazy how we don’t see more things like this in the industry. He paid tribute to the most innocent person he knew in the game and did it on a beat that Takeoff probably would’ve slid on himself… RIP Take. Everybody got you bro. People always say to take the high road but Atlanta gone get justice for this one no matter what…
  • I hear the pain in this one🔥🔥🔥Gucci still one of my biggest inspirations in this shit. Ima be on top like him soon.. dropped nine videos in the past six months, to anyone that shows love and joins me on my journey to success, I will forever be thankful ❤🙏
  • @Da_Musket
    Thank you for the tribute Gucci keep it up with the music fam don’t stop 💯💯💯
  • @l0ngstr0k3
    The growth of this man is highly inspiring...
  • @mhm9_3
    You can tell Gucci going through it and he expressing himself the best way he knows how. This is real respect. LL TAKEOFF🖤🕊🚀
  • almost 4 minutes an awful lot of chills listening to this one.

    R.i.P XXX🕊
    R.I.P PnB🕊
    R.I.P Shawty🕊
    R.I.P Dolph🕊