Gucci Mane - Letter to Takeoff [Official Music Video]

Published 2022-11-15
Gucci Mane - Letter to Takeoff
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All Comments (21)
  • David Shin
    Gucci is such a legend. This song is bittersweet to hear from all the losses of incredible musicians but as a fan, it means a lot to hear what he has to say.
  • I got mad respect for Gucci mane for this because, not only did he talk about Takeoff he mentioned a lot of other rappers passing and getting locked. This is so wholesome and sad at the same time. R.I.P all the rappers mentioned in this song🕊️
  • Mad respect for Gucci and RIP to all the rappers who had their life taken and it's sad as a hip hop fan to see our musician loose their lives ✌🏼🙏🕊️😔
  • jsunshyne87
    This man always shows respect to all the fallen rappers and soldiers. Have to show him and give him his respect. 🫡 💯 💯
  • Angel Smithfff
    It’s crazy how the loss of his life is taking a major effect on everyone. It somehow feels like you’ve lost a family member. Since his death I think about him daily. He was so quiet, and out the way. This is a cold, cold world. Rest easy🥀 Takeoff🛫
    He wrote that song with heart. He cried writing the whole song..Gucci is a legend...we all gotta find our way home ..rappers needs to get into the movie Bussiness...the music business is not fun no never heard Curtis Blow and other rappers doing this...we never know what's at the end of the day...but if we all can just make it home safe...we live...
  • George Beats
    You can tell Gucci going through it and he expressing himself the best way he knows how. This is real respect. LL TAKEOFF🖤🕊🚀
  • Vitor Aziz
    🖤🎼 essa foi de arrepiar 😱 Gucci vc é fodaa 👏 passou a visão é representou os que não está mais aqui 💔🖤 que todos eles descansem em paz 🙏🙌 R.i.P Takeoff
  • Still Living
    people say Gucci is clout chasing with this song that's bullshit. this is my first time ever hearing it and i feel it in my soul Gucci meant every word. salute Gucci great track and rest in peace takeoff
  • Gord
    8 days holding that #2 spot on trending!! Mad respect to everyone grieving TAKEOFF!!! Thanks Gucci.
  • Ally Musah
    Legends never Die, they live in us forever...LLTakeOff
  • LaDarius Bradley
    Crazy how we don’t see more things like this in the industry. He paid tribute to the most innocent person he knew in the game and did it on a beat that Takeoff probably would’ve slid on himself… RIP Take. Everybody got you bro. People always say to take the high road but Atlanta gone get justice for this one no matter what…
  • WokeUpaRebelTV
    Thank God Gucci lived to see himself become a voice for the masses to be an example of how a man can change for the better. It's unfortunate, but I think this was almost this era's 'I'll be missing you' and it was done so tastefully while also paying tribute to the other artists who have passed. This was the way to go. Good work Gucci.
  • Double OC
    This song grabs me by the heart <3 Seriously, RIP to all of those we lost far too soon.. I lost my closest friend in my entire life in 2017.. It still lives with me every single day, and he will always be on my mind. I will continue to tell our stories and treasure the memories we shared until the day I take my own last breath <3 Love to all of those who have felt this pain
  • This probably one of the realest songs I’ve heard from gucci in a minute… very sincere 💯
  • Jukels20
    I use to hate this dudes music when I I was in high school but I have no hate at all for him since I’ve been an adult . His growth and maturity is speaking volumes. Nothing but respect for Gucci
  • Franco Barrios
    I’m so glad to see that other people have been thinking about takeoff daily since this all went down. Just shows how huge his impact was and how good his character was. Let’s never forget the rocket man
  • Gucci’s evolution as not only an artist but person has really been an incredible thing to witness. RIP Takeoff
  • Gucci sempre foi muito referência pros migos, geral sabe, muito merecido essa homenagem 👏❗🇧🇷
  • Ty-diyoungdon
    This man is a huge inspiration to me, one day we gonna do a song together🤍