Published 2023-09-23
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1) GeoDomeX
   • GeoDomeX: A Close-Up of the Features ...  
   • Meet GeoDomeX and Make it your Own ☀️...  
   • GeoDomeX Reviews Your 13 Most Asked Q...  
   • GeoDomeX ✨ An In-depth Look at the Fe...  
   • We Are GeoDomeX 👥 Get to know the UK ...  

2) Cmax System
   • Foldable Shelter for Complex Emergenc...  
   • Cmax System Launching in Mexico  
   • The All-New Cmax System Foldable Hous...  
   • Floor load testing Cmax System Foldab...  

   • Mobile stage manufacturer HUAYUAN hyd...  
3.1) Astra Stages LP2016
   • LP2016 Setup Tutorial | Astra Stages  
   • Introducing Astra | Innovative Mobile...  

4) Alaska Defense
   • Alaska Defense - The World’s Most Pop...  

5) Continest
   • CN10 containers - FIS Alpine World Sk...  
   • Building a New Kindergarten in Borody...  
   • CN10 Standard - Innovative Foldable C...  
   • Brave Warrior 2020 Hungary  
   • CN20 containers - FIS Alpine World Sk...  
5.1) CN Retail Unit
   • CN Retail Unit - The next generation ...  

   • Авиационный ангар МЧС России 1800м²  
   • Надувной ангар для самолета 1800м²  
   • Ангар для ремонта самолетов и вертоле...  
   • Хабаровский авиационно-спасательный ц...  

7) Flexotels
   • Comfotel - Foldable hotelroom with to...  
   • Flexotels Hotelroom | Foldable Hotelr...  

8) Mighty Buildings
   • Fully Printed 350 sq ft Studio in Les...  
   • Visit our 3D-printed ADU in Napa Vall...  

9) Rolling Unit
   • We are demonstrating our new,  2023 R...  
   • 2023 NEW Rolling Unit 3in1 expandable...  
9.1) Expandable Command Unit On Trailer
   • Expandable Command Unit On Trailer - ...  

10) Mercia Garden
   • Mercia 8 x 6 Shiplap Double Door Shed...  
   • 10 x 8 Helios Summerhouse Installation  
   • Mercia 7 x 5 Poppy Tower Playhouse In...  
   • Mercia Overlap Apex Shed  

11) PTH Prefab-X SPD
   • PTH Prefab-X SPD House Project Instal...  
   • PTH Prefab-X SPD House Installation P...  
   • PTH New Upgraded Prefab-X SPD House i...  
   • PTH Prefab-X SPD House Interior Decor...  
   • PrefabX-SPD House 26㎡ Static Display  
11.1) Modular Expanding Container
   • Would you want to own a house like Te...  

   • Portable Large Party Tent House Black...  
   • Igloo Disco, The Ultimate Party!! Boo...  
   • Inflatable tent giant Outdoor Camping...  
   • The Inflatable X GLOO® Event Tent - EN  
12.1) Inflatable Hangar
   • Inflatable Hangar / Şişirilebilir Hangar  
   • Пневмокаркасный ангар и самосвал  

00:00 - GeoDomeX
01:18 - Cmax System
02:28 - Rolling Unit
03:19 - Expandable Command Unit On Trailer
03:58 - Alaska Defense
04:59 - Flexotels
07:07 - Continest
08:07 - CN Retail Unit
08:41 - Mighty Buildings
09:49 - HUAYUAN-S445
10:38 - Astra Stages LP2016
11:23 - Mercia Garden
12:20 - PTH Prefab-X SPD
13:12 - Modular Expanding Container
13:52 - Inflatable Hangar

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All Comments (21)
  • @MightyClunkers
    I was in consistet wow while watching the video. Building looks really nice and sturdy plus time spent to build is nothing compared to full cement constrution.
  • @namtr0
    Problem is most these "Options" are near the cost of a standard house making them all but impractical. I like the bust out container ones, but all I saw was light coming through every seem which is a no go.
    3D printed company is making a steel house and then using plastic printed panels (I would not be surprised if they were fudging their numbers)
  • @mrshort2379
    sure would be nice to see content of shelter companies available in the USA, with a low budget offerings!
  • @user-jk9jg7nt9x
    The foldable, solid structures are more practical with adequate insulation. But inflatable ones will need periodic re-inflation, to keep inflation, like bouncy castles for kids, here in US. Sort of noisy, if those are used as shelter homes, but if inflation stays stable without inflation pumps, then really good, in the places where insulation is not a problem.
  • @russellterral29
    The 3rd showing of the trailer that folds out and triples its size reminds me a lot of the Army's CK (Containerized Kitchen). It just about looks like the same size
  • @user-vy8eh3op4e
    FEMA has stackable lego type prison cells so they can assemble a prison of any size quickly. I didn't notice that on this list.
  • @kennyh5083
    This is amazing! Wouldn't let one go thru a bad storm tho, it would be like dynamiting a cardboard box!!
  • @sw6118
    I wish they had something about the cost of these-base model and as shown….
  • @xScooterAZx
    They all look great,but most of these shelters dont seem to have bathrooms,showers,no running water,or cooking areas.
    Plus you'd need to have a sewage tsnk and w ater tank,plus plumbing.
    The issue with most of these, when it comes to people, is that many of the places that have the financial capabilities to use them as a vacation/trip home or most of the places that sct as refuge camp countries and states get very, very cold talking NY, Vancouver, Seattle, The entirety of northern Europe .. we are talking about some serious heating needs and bills that cost a lot even in nicely isolated houses and apartment complexes .. these tin and foil spaces would loose most of the heat in winter, and they would be terribly warm in summer, there are reasons why we build the way we do guys.. its not an accident, its very intentional and learned over centuries of freezing our asses off in the wilderness
  • Cool video. Like the porta-Hotel. In Yosemite, there is this area next to a river that freezes over with a 8-10 of snow and April it melts and washes away, but by the end of April, they pull from a big hanger these porta Hotels and place them in a two acre area along the river and rent them out for $350 per night to vacationers. You are surrounded by Granite mountains, water falls, Half Dome and plush meadow vegetation let alone some of the biggest redwoods. Bears are there but are controlled by Fish and Game. Never dopped my line in any of the rivers and didn't bring up a brook trout that wasn't from a stocked source. In fact, after eating the best tasting organic trout for the 5 days we were there, I never felt better and lost 5 lbs.
  • @spritsfal5088
    And yet I see NONE of these things out in the world. More prefab buildings that we can actually buy please.
  • @robdewberry2587
    Just imagine had the folks that did the Fyre Festival back in 2017 had just contracted out with one of these providers - that whole diaster debockle could have been avoided
  • @tinyfrog919
    Sure Musk lives in a modular home, but what about the bunker underneath it.
  • @itwasaliens
    Why not use colored polycarbonate materials like the first one for temporary shelters? Seems like it would be cheaper and easier to ship in mass.
  • @7aiderar302
    Thanks for video 📹 😀
    More video like this ❤