Published 2023-03-18

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  • @relljones8285
    SHARKY is so intelligent and FILLY genuinely loves his bros, no shock here
  • im sorry but "who is ajs celebrity idol" "lil uzi vert?" "no, god", CUT TO AJ POINTING UP TO THE HEAVENS WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT IVE EVER SEEN
    Niko saying he hates lying but his entire channel revolves around lying to people😂
  • @terminaq
    You know that nobody expected Filly to be that far, he’s literally failing every question related to date 😂
  • @2isAverage
    The way Filly’s eyes widen every question kills me 😂🤣
  • @Ralphlol
    Sharky is such a loveable character man, he’s too funny as well
  • @taexdreams7706
    35:13 I love how AJ was teling filly that he did well whilst the rest were cheering for sharky. What a nice guy AJ is i can't lie.
  • @mcohen0609
    filly casually taking 20 seconds to answer each question and nobody mentioning it is funny 😂
  • @ash-ng8kg
    im shocked George made it as far as he did😭
  • Sharky saying Niko is allergic to girls and Niko guessing Filly lost his Virginity at 9 had me laughing out loud
  • @mekaylawhaley
    aj not being someone who likes touch but comforting filly so he isn’t left out is the sweetest thing. bless him❤
  • @mariap5214
    Aj not leaving Filly out is so wholesome
  • @emperor8716
    34:58 I love that Niko already knew and was about to start clapping 😂
  • @louisebonney9711
    Timestamps Recap when I watch it again : 2:01 Niko is allergic to girls 3:30 Darkestman has all that real estate on his head but no space for a brain 🤣 6:30 OBIFEMI 9:44 asks a question Honestly couldn’t care less 10:53 The old Testament 11:10 FOIVEE? 13:20 He is my brother but blood’s not thicker than the weakest friend 16:21 uhm…Shave heads 16:45 Filly went mental here 😂 18:38 It’s a disrespect to what you don’t have which is hair 24:27 That demonic laugh tho 25:48 Darkest saying Kenny’s hairline is bad while he got none is the funniest thing 🤣 29:09 Filly randomly picking his nose 34:57 Niko clapping in advance 35:14 That’s so sweet of
  • @qwerade1056
    Niko saying The Old Testament was HPs favourite song had me rolling 😂
  • @kayayy
    George looks stressed the whole game 😂
  • @pikashuuu
    Sharky is such an adorable friend 😭