Published 2023-03-18

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  • TerminaQ
    You know that nobody expected Filly to be that far, he’s literally failing every question related to date 😂
  • Rell Jones
    SHARKY is so intelligent and FILLY genuinely loves his bros, no shock here
  • Matthew Cohen
    filly casually taking 20 seconds to answer each question and nobody mentioning it is funny 😂
  • Nancy Kosmidis
    im sorry but "who is ajs celebrity idol" "lil uzi vert?" "no, god", CUT TO AJ POINTING UP TO THE HEAVENS WAS THE FUNNIEST SHIT IVE EVER SEEN
  • 2isAverage
    The way Filly’s eyes widen every question kills me 😂🤣
  • Hanna Insyirah
    “Who TF is afraid of cows?” Aj’s not wrong HAHAHA
  • Evelyn
    Niko correcting Harry is the funniest part 😭😭💀
  • Kay Ayy
    George looks stressed the whole game 😂
  • Mekayla Whaley
    aj not being someone who likes touch but comforting filly so he isn’t left out is the sweetest thing. bless him❤
  • Ralph
    Sharky is such a loveable character man, he’s too funny as well
  • Mr.strange
    The way darkest is clapping at 35:37 is killing me 😂😂😂😂😂 he was so over it 🤣
  • Natalia's Ways
    Kenny is that one good friend that quietly pays attention to every detail, but he doesn’t have to be loud but very observant.. king Kenny 👑
  • Maria P
    Aj not leaving Filly out is so wholesome
  • the amount of time Filly wasted whenever he was asked a question is actually mad!
  • Sandra Fynn
    Why does Sharky’s win mean so much to me 😂😂. Harry never fails to make me laugh and Shark’s character development is exciting !
  • Rashiqa
    The way darkest just carelessly said Kenny while everyone literally told him how important he was in the moment 😂
  • Bqrnie
    Can we appreciate in the last two videos Niko has predicted everything correctly
  • Lololowey
    I get so excited when Darkest is in a video, he’s so effortlessly funny
  • Wembanyawa
    I love how chaotic it is in the beginning that slowly transitions into a very wholesome moment for all the guys
  • Shanti s
    The banter between Harry and Niko and Darkest is just too funny.