Beavis and Butt-Head: Season 1 (Paramount+, United States/🇺🇸)

Published 2021-04-27
For MTV, Paramount Plus & ViacomCBS. What do you think?

Two teenage delinquent couch potatoes cause trouble in this animated series. If they're not at school or working at Burger World, they're in front of the TV.

Original Network: Paramount+

Brand: MTV

Rating: TV-14

Created by: Mike Judge

Production Companies: MTV, J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, Inc., Rough Draft Studios Korea, Plus One Animation Korea, USAnimation, Inc. Hollywood, CA, Metrocel, Inc. Hollywood, CA, Sync Sound, Inc. New York, NY, The Tape House Editorial Co. New York, NY, Betelgeuse Productions, New York, NY, Premiere Post Inc., New York, NY, Sony Music Studios, New York, NY & MTV Home Entertainment

Providers: Viacom, B_Viacom, ViacomCBS & Viacom International Inc.

Release Dates: May 23, 1993 & December 9, 1994

Genre: Comedies


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