ONE HOUR Of Amazing Ocean Moments | BBC Earth

Published 2021-06-08
From underwater hunts to dancing whales, here are some of our all-time favourite ocean moments.

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All Comments (21)
  • Maina Mwareri
    David, it is your magnetic, mellow ,calm narrative that keeps me immersed and mesmerized by nature's wonders you so ably present. I know you are advanced in years, but I still wish you extra active years, Sir.
  • mark kington
    big, big ups to the crew that captured such amazing activity in the oceans of this incredible planet
  • Evalyn Suimae
    I am really amazed by the photographer's skills.. They really have courage to get close to these beautiful creatures. And even in the depth of the ocean..
  • SJ Flow
    The ocean is truly beautiful and terrifying at the same time
  • IButtchugLSD
    I could listen to David attenborough talk about paint drying for an hour and itd still be an amazing time.

    This was beautiful.
  • Aby Mathews
    0:17 : Bubble Net fishing by Humpbacks
    4:16 : Crab fishing by "Steve"
    7:41 : Slow motion Waltz by Humpbacks and eventually fighting
    11:40 : Skinny Polar bear
    15:13 : Hydroplane fishing
    17:53 : Some barrier Reef clips
    21:17 : Tarpan vs Silversides
    24:58 : Free Willy having lunch,these animals can be real assholes(as per human standards) !!!
    27:52 : Sailfish having lunch
    30:38 : Up a bum!
    32:20 : Sardines being lunch,with a twist
    36:11 : Underwater marching lobsters
    39:17 : Too many Penguins
    43:11 : Alluring(to humans) shit by Parrot fish
    45:25 : Kill for a krill
    49:10 : Hi Kathryn :) and Surfing killer whales in Antarctica
    53:41 : These Killers are mad!!
    57:35 : Albatross chicks being lunch

    Feeling hungry now...

    Dear BBC,thank you for the videos and
    duck you for not using the Chapters feature of Youtube....Grow up!!!
  • Adrian Brown
    As someone who loves the ocean and wants to be a marine biologist this is amazing.
  • With A Bang
    I feel like I am under the sea. I feel the waves in the ocean.
  • Edward Pincus
    This video is absolutely remarkable! One can't help but marvel at and wonder how making such a film is possible? Thank you. The video is instructional, entertaining and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Adrian D
    Damn, this is some of the most breathtakingly beautiful/terrifying footage I've ever seen of ocean life. I don't know how that lone sea lion attack by killer whales was more brutal and hit me harder than any shark attack I've ever seen... Jesus It was just so slow and you know they were the opposite of bothered by what they were doing... I just can't fathom the time and work it would take to capture any of this. Amazing
    *And now I've seen a fish swim up a giant turd's ass... Thank you, nature. :S
  • Nikki Jones
    I literally cried at the whales dancing with each other. I can't even get a date and look at these beautiful creatures 😢
  • Brooke Bryan
    I have watched so many David Attenborough documentaries and they never get old.... Even watched many over and over again (wanted to make sure i didn't miss a second) lol they never get old to me, I could truly watch anything he narrates!! My favorite is the ocean I find every single thing about the oceans fascinating.. Another really intriguing documentary he narrates is one about Madagascar that was amazing too its so cool to think out of the whole entire world that is the only place with lemurs.... So incredibly cool...
  • Christina
    The ocean is so majestic and yet so mysterious. Wow.
  • guemin park
    The ocean is more amazing and beautiful than we think. They really have courage to get close to these beautiful creatures. I feel the waves in the ocean.
  • random Swiftie
    I love these videos so much!
    There's so much we don't know about the ocean and there's so much to learn! Can't wait to go to these places under water when I learn how to scuba dive.
  • Honey Mrinal
    I love ocean. Looking forward for a chance to explore.
  • Little Lulu
    40 years ago, my sister and I with our grandfather went out in the bay squid jigging. Along comes a huge pod of pothead whales. Upon closing in, my grandfather stomped and yelled. It kept them from upsetting the little boat that we were in. We were in their path and it was quite freaky yet awe inspired. Never forget it. Rip Grandpa