Urban Combat Survival CQB and Room Clearing. Urban Survival Part 2

Published 2022-07-31
The Basics of Clearing a Room and CQB is both deceptively simple and grossly complex. This video won't make you an expert or even a beginner. This video serves as a primer for follow on training in room clearing and CQB. I hope you enjoy today's Part 2 of Urban Survival. Room Clearing.

00:00 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB
2:11 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB - Orion Training Group
4:00 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB - Assessing the Doorway
8:05 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB - Two man team
11:15 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB - footwork
14:38 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB - Three man team
16:00 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB - Weapon / Rifle Manipulation
18:30 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB - Corner fed room
20:33 Basics of Room Clearing and CQB - Night time / white light

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All Comments (21)
  • Jason Dubois
    Several things to say.
    1: please please please keep this series going, both urban and wilderness
    2: if you think someone is behind a door that you want to cross, you can peek between the door and the frame without exposing yourself.
    3: everyone in this video rocks
  • Bear Uehara
    My time in the Infantry taught me a few things. People have hesitated or froze in the doorway. Most people will never overcome this fear no matter how much they train. Don't forget to train your mind for battle, tactics are only a fraction of it.
  • BFTmanable
    As a marine who’s had to spend A LOT of time teaching dudes the basics of MOUT, this is a super cool way to distribute this information and the basics to people who have never served. Room clearing is no joke.
  • LeonFuego
    The footwork about 5 minutes in is gold. In Japanese taijutsu, that kind of walking/footwork was taught to samurai and shinobi in order to navigate around corners without telegraphing their positions with their swords sticking out of the doorway. In other words, there's nothing new under the sun. Old ninja CQB used similar movement patterns as modern CQB. Really cool and useful stuff y'all!
  • Greg Van Gorp
    The amount of helpful content mixed with hilarious humor was amazing and a joy to watch. Thank you!
  • Chris Beem
    I was LEO patrol for a few years and actually received a (relatively) decent amount of CQB training for a patrol cop with my agency. Nothing close to the level swat or operators get but the more I learn the more it scares the shit out of me. It really is one of the most dangerous things you can do.
  • Sean Kealey
    I don’t know much about room clearing or CQB but one time my gold fish committed suicide by jumping out of his fish bowl & we gave it a funeral by flushing it down the toilet.
  • Thomas Joyce
    Another takeaway from this:
    Avoid situations where you have to defend a room. There are a lot of well trained people and there's a lot of good information out there for free.
  • Paintplayer1
    I took my first CQB class last week; never got any of it in the Army. We used the Mantis Blackbeard system and it was highly informative. There is a shoot house that uses UTM, airsoft, or lasers to deliver a ton of reps at a variety of price points. This laser class was only $100 and extremely informative with tons of practice reps. Luckily I have a readiness group in my neighborhood and will be taking my squad here to do more reps, since the shoot house is only 10 min from my house and always changing configurations
  • Pete Holliday
    I love how chill, no macho bullshit these guys are ! Great teachers ….an funny too ….make it easy to learn !
  • This was my most underdeveloped skill as an infantryman. When GT was saying it takes years of training with one team to be proficient he wasn’t kidding. Military or civilian; grunt or POG—don’t underestimate how hard this is.
  • Michael Weeks
    I love that Lucas gets so much credit for his skill set. Kudos.
  • Rakadis
    The problem with combat in an urban environment is that everyone underestimates how dangerous it is. Unless you have training and have drilled the needed techniques for hundreds of hours you will make mistakes and it will cost lives. I experienced this time and time in Afghanistan when supporting ANA (afghan national army) troops in the south when clearing villages close to Kabul in 2003/2004...
  • Nick Kish
    Nothing is more scary than 3 or 4 guys clearing a room that look exactly the same. Facial hair, gear, and all. In reference to the team at the beginning " I swear I shot that guy when he came in". But you get waxed by his clone. Seriously these guys are fucking great at room to room survival.
  • Raven Morrigana
    Very much appreciate the introduction to concepts. Yes, it takes years to properly master, but seeing it done properly (rather than the movies) is a good foundation that more of us need.
  • Lex Luthor
    Very good and simple breakdown of the basics of CQB. I enjoyed that you included night vision and IR lasers as many people outside the military have probably not used them. CQB is definitely a terrifying thing that you must train thoroughly on but this video provides a good core base to work off of. Thank you and keep these urban survival videos coming! They are the best!
  • Andrew
    The footwork bit is super important and i love the attention to detail they give it here. I also really enjoyed the weapon manipulation bit - I prefer 14.5" barrels so seeing ways to work around the extra length when maneuvering in CQB is always refreshing to see rather than just seeing people only using 10.5" barrels.
  • Scott Musser
    The content coming from your channel and TRex are bar none, the best on the internet right now. Nobody else is putting this information out there for the civilians who are wanting to learn. Thank you for your service and, through these videos, continuing to serve.
  • Matt Hansen
    I absolutely LOVE to see this type of content. For too long there has been a ridiculous aversion to teaching civilians how to fight. This information being disseminated to We the People, on such a massive platform, signals a shift in mindset... and that's fantastic. Keep up the GREAT work!
  • Piet
    If you practice a lot you become pretty good at it. The footwork and everything so you feel confident. And then the instructors fire some shots in the building and immediately you get tunnel vision then you realise it is only the beginning of your training. Everyone in your videos are always very good at explaining how and why to do things. This is the best CQB video I have seen so far.