Priscilla Shirer: YOUR Spiritual Battle & the Armor of God (Full Teaching) | Praise on TBN

Published 2021-05-21
Priscilla Shirer speaks at the 2018 Passion Conference for TBN’s Praise. Gain strength and wisdom for your spiritual battles as Priscilla boldly calls out the schemes placed against you, and the distractions we all fall into when we don’t know how to effectively wear the armor of God.

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All Comments (21)
  • muriel Ioane
    Love the message she has power and strength God bless her.
  • Karin Graham
    “Come as you are, but don’t stay as you are”. So good. This woman is so anointed…I just love her!
  • Orange Blossom
    "If you've been rejected by everybody else , you've been hand picked chosen and adopted by the LORD "
  • Priscilla is just phenomenal.."prayer is the key to unlock the heavenly resources.." Love her hair too🙂
  • The enemy scatters challenges in your life. Be ready by immersing yourself in God's truth every single day and put on your armor of God! Don't shrink back, be who God created you to be. The enemy can't destroy you but he'll distract and discourage you every chance he gets. Be who God called you to be.
  • Ehi Angel
    I am saw this video a few days ago and I skipped over it because I wanted to listen to gospel music, it popped on my suggested again last night and I knew that it was there for a reason, so I decided to watch it, it’s amazing and I’m so happy I had time to understand just how powerful we are and how the enemy wants us to not understand it. We can’t fight our battles in flesh and blood, we fight our battles in the spiritual realm. The devil wants us to think our problems are physical so we loose sight of the real problem: that we are in a constant battle with him and he wants to destroy us, destroy our faith, destroy our happiness, and destroy our chance at salvation, but he will ALWAYS fail in Jesus name, Amen. Be blessed as you watch, Amen.✝️
  • Malinda
    Thank you. I was just crying to God last night. So hurt. So brokenhearted. So alone.. Begging him for answers and to stop my tears. Thank you for the answer to my prayers. Amen
  • SisiOse
    I was at the edge of giving up on my Christian journey. God used this message to bring me back to life. Thank you🥺
  • Jenny M
    Priscilla is such an anointed messenger of God. Such a blessing to hear her.
  • S B
    I used to think I was so unnecessarily emotional because every time I pray heartfelt prayers, I cry but witnessing this with Priscilla, I realize that that’s how God works. I’m in awe of what she’s just broken down for me, and the funny thing is that right before she started reading the bible verse, I was getting ready to close YouTube and study but my heart told me to give it about 2 more minutes and then when she went into explanation of how the devil works behind the scenes, I got soooo emotional. I realized in that moment that that voice that was telling me to stop and study was just trying to keep me from hearing these words because then I could realize just how the enemy works. My life will never be the same. This spiritual battle is real people. Let us try our best to live holy. God bless you all.
  • This is a powerful message. Her analogies makes things more understandable. Thank you
  • Aubrey Strawberry
    I love how engaging she is. She tells a good story to capture us.
    “People remember stories not statistics” - Pastor Craig Groeschel
  • essiewatts
    The roar of the father is behind me and I am going to walk in victory. I love the real life examples she uses to break things down. Thank u lord for your word!!!
  • Mike Marsh
    The Holy Spirit is all over this message, in Jesus name Amen.
  • Ruth Nyamvura
    I was broken and just opened Youtube to check for some uplifting messages.. then just came across this preaching 🙌.. I feel different in just 40mins of listening to these powerful words. Thank you Lord.
  • Kay Hutchinson
    Absolutely wonderful message! I receive this in the mighty name of Jesus 🙌🏾
  • Esther Jagwer
    I’ve read Ephesians 6 a couple of times but never once have I had such a powerful understanding and realization like I did today from this sermon. Pricilla is such an amazing preacher!!
  • Jonathan EV
    “He wants you to know that if you’ve dug a pit of sin for yourself that is so deep you can’t find your way out of it, that the mercy of God is so great and so grand that it can reach down into any pit and snatch you up out of it once and for all”
    I declare AMEN 🙏🏾!
  • Adepa Adepa
    Shedding tears hearing this message because this is exactly what I needed. I almost gave up on myself that I thought I've disappointed God because of my sins. God bless you Mom....