I tricked 100 Youtubers into making me a Pokemon Game

Published 2024-01-27

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  • @mkjirak
    I love how Smant's mom is in the chat and is cheering for all the other content creators' Pokemon. When her Bidoof comes out she says, "Come on little guy." So wholesome!
  • @star0chris
    Leave it to Smant to completely bamboozle us all, what a great idea and I'm glad my Snorlax got at least one team wipe lol
  • @justaboredkid
    It’s so funny that smallants mom knows so much about Pokémon that’s she can craft an actually insane bidoof.
  • @MagicTheNoah
    44:10 It was a shame to see bruno squander the true power of the heracross but alas
  • @BlaDeSDV
    So glad I was on chat when you faced my Marowak so I was able to provide the lore. The last move was Phantom Force, and it was holding a Fossilized Skull.
  • @GameboyLuke
    LET’S GO PANCHINKOOOO!!!!! sorry my little guy was so tough 😂😂
  • @Fundy
    10:18 I tried making a cute Pokémon that just wanted to chat with you smallant AND YOU MURDERED IT IN 3 SECONDS!!!
  • @PikachuPlays
    If it wasn't for the glitched enigma berry you were cooked by The Monke
  • @cjya
    Justice for hot dog
  • @seawattgaming
    SO I was under the impression my pokemon would be Smallant's so I completely played. Love to see a cool pokemon challenge from Ant tho
  • @dirtcollector
    dougdougs dugtrio pain splitting itself into instant fainting is just perfection 10:30
  • @Mattc0legaming_
    For those wondering why it took 20 minutes to heal then do the battle is because Falkner did not have the right Pokemon. So it took about 20 minutes for AtSign to fix it
  • @Eshan_Gill
    43:38 “he’s nothing without his hotdog” greatest smant quote ever
  • @Patterrz
    Kaizo Ironmon has nothing on this games difficulty
  • @brandenp09
    Even without the followers your mom is still a content creator. She created you and you're the content
  • I know RTgame used to play competitive in gen 5 and earlier, plus he’s just good at Pokémon in general, and it REALLY shows with how he got mega ampharos onto the same power level as contrary dragon ascent Rayquaza. It genuinely might have been over if destiny bond didn’t stay active.
  • @PeachyShortcake
    I had no idea what I was doing when I made my mon, but I’m glad my lil Pachirisu put up at least a bit of a fight before being rapid spun to death 😂 Such a great idea & video, thank you for letting me be a part of it 👏🏻