Most Mechanical Players From Every Season (0-28)

Published 2024-02-26
Being the best mechanical player in Fortnite is a massive deal, the correlation between the best mechanical players and most famous players has almost always been linear - meaning if you ever had the best mechanics in any season of Fortnite you would also do incredibly well on Twitch and YouTube, the result of which being 10s of thousands of dollars in monthly income and a name the community as a whole look up to. Today we’re going over the best mechanical players from every single Fortnite season ever and as an added extra, we will see the progression of peoples mechanics from all 28 seasons.

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Season 0
2:29 Season 1
4:03 Season 2
5:11 Season 3
6:11 Season 4
7:23 Season 5
8:45 Season 6
10:11 Season 7
11:17 Season 8
12:31 Season 9
13:51 Season X
14:45 Chapter 2: Season 1
15:45 Chapter 2: Season 2
16:23 Chapter 2: Season 3
17:09 Chapter 2: Season 4
18:01 Chapter 2: Season 5
18:33 Chapter 2: Season 6
19:02 Chapter 2: Season 7
19:43 Chapter 2: Season 8
20:34 Chapter 3: Season 1
21:12 Chapter 3: Season 2
22:03 Chapter 3: Season 3
22:32 Chapter 3: Season 4
23:15 Chapter 4: Season 1
24:07 Chapter 4: Season 2
24:43 Chapter 4: Season 3
25:34 Chapter 4: Season 4
26:12 Chapter 5: Season 1

All Comments (21)
  • @reconbob2806
    The fact raider464 wasnt mentioned a single time is crazy. his early chapter 2 vids look like modern pros warm up edit courses
  • @dogtherod1339
    Everyone who’s og remembers mongraal was the fastest editor in s4 ( also the fact faze away wasn’t mentioned is criminal )
  • @Unkaboosh
    Pxlarized shoulda been Chapter 4 Season 2
  • @Apothicanfn
    Raider464 not being mentioned a single time is crazy. Easily one of the most iconic mechanical players ever
  • @jj.2350
    surprised pxlarized wasnt in there but tbf he hasnt got insane grands placements but his mechs where defo better than venos in c4 s2
  • @treyvvz
    Not only was this list ALL keyboard players, but none of them come even CLOSE to the mechanical creative keyboard community. All you did was make a keyboard-comp tier list. You should watch faze sway, raider464, outcast physics, reydyation, etc.😂
  • @96fatcat
    Magin is so nostalgic the OG atlantis and ASUS guys were so good
  • @blegit723
    Howl had insane mechs in season 5-6, very underrated and lowk unknown
  • @WizzyEli
    I have to watch Marius more cause they went from 39th on Day 1 to end up 4th. That's an insane comeback! Thank you for bringing him to our attention!
  • @Antonio7fv
    Bro just because Peter was in ch3 already doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be in ch5. Peterbot this season is literally prime aim, prime mechs, prime everything. He’s above everyone THIS season.
  • @hazbojangles2681
    Your recent videos these past few months are all bangers. Great job!
  • @Ezooix
    Marrentm I’m impressed. I love how you make your videos and the style of your creations. I will continue to watch and support your channel. Amazing job bri
  • hey man really cool video i was wondering if you could do one where its “ who would have won the world cup with current point format” might be stupid might be cool idk i feel like it would be cool to know. 👍 keep up the good work
  • @datboidat
    dude I"m so glad you mentioned magin, I heard about him back when the atlantis guys were running pgs. Miss those days
  • @whasiannate
  • @doxxmane
    I'm surprised no one like diegoplayz, joji, or pxlarized was on this list